Truth Nuggets #101: The Project


On the topic of self love, as I so often am these days, how true is this (left)?

It’s cool to be told you are worthwhile (sexy, cute, funny, cool, smart) by the one you love or the one you are sleeping with or your friends or anybody for that matter, but holding yourself in the same esteem is just as important; if not more so.

Love yourself. Treat loving yourself like an ongoing project.

Do the things you know will make you feel good.

If that’s dressing a certain way or celebrating who you are or being healthy or walking or not – it’s your project, the end goal is yours to decide upon. Nobody else gets to decide for you.

I think I’m starting to get it…


4 thoughts on “Truth Nuggets #101: The Project

  1. Yes! In the past I have got myself into a cycle of stressing about all of the things and then stressing about being stressed and wondering what to do about it. Focusing on doing the things you know will make you feel good is often the answer ~ it makes those stressful things seem smaller. Loving the new blog x


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