I ♥ Sundays (and Other Things)

Welcome to my Sunday Appreciation Series, or SAS!

Though the title would suggest an ode to the Day of Rest (hence the addition of ‘and other things’), this is a series of stuff I am currently digging. I love these types of posts from other bloggers and was inspired by Audrey Kitching‘s 20 Things I Love Saturday series.

And while I do love Sundays and have a minor issue with people who don’t appreciate them for what they are (a day off FFS!), not all these things are appreciated on a Sunday.

You with me? Cool.

And so to a few of my  favouritest things…


My Mad Fat Diary

This amazing comedy drama ended recently and I am already missing it. Based on the true life diary of writer, Rae Earl, it’s the most accurate coming of age tale I have ever seen. Overweight and troubled Rae gets to grips with making new friends, college, family life, self-esteem and first love to the back drop of the best 90’s soundtrack ever.

Since Rae and I grew up in basically the same era, I feel like this could have been my teen life being broadcast. And although my adolescence wasn’t quite as dramatic, I can certainly identify with Rae’s feelings of inadequacy and perpetual awkwardness.

Rae is played by the incredible Sharon Rooney who makes me feel things I thought I had left behind a long time ago (or rather I wish I had). MMFD has everything going for it, makes me laugh and cry in equal measure and features lovely Fit Finn. What more do you need, eh?

PicMonkey Collage

This Hair (Above)

OMFG. Just look at it! Pretty pastel up dos from the Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2014 shows. I want them all for myself.


Jameela Jamil

Not only is Jameela a total fox, she has also impressed me lately, first with her blog (especially this post) and then in this interview she gave to The Guardian about female empowerment and the reaction she got on Twitter for daring to criticise Miley Cyrus.

New hero.


I am the worst runner right now. Terrible. Embarrassing.

Yet, I feel like a flipping GODDESS for doing it anyway. Sometimes I run for 45 seconds, sometimes 30, sometimes even less. My shins hurt. But so fucking what? It’s still my arse running and my flabby bits flapping in the wind.

I think I’m becoming addicted to the buzz I get after I’ve been out, whether it’s been a short run or a long walk. The times they are a change-ing…


Game of Thrones Season Four

Winter is coming… and the rest! I cannot wait.

A weekend of recapping Season Three has proven that I’m terrible with names and remembering plot lines. But boy do I love this show more than any other show that has ever been before it. Even The Sopranos.


So that’s if for my first SAS post.




3 thoughts on “I ♥ Sundays (and Other Things)

  1. I absolutely love MMFD! Sharon is fantastic.
    The pastel hair collage thing you posted, I want to dye my daarkbrownalmostblack hair a lavender, wishes hmpf. Thank you for sharing Jameela’s link, I read her recent post about children’s exposure to porn and I really like what she had to say, so thanks for that.
    I just started going on the treadmill a week ago, I can’t even jog for 45 seconds but hopefully I’ll get there 😀
    I love GoT! I especially liked how Oberyn *drools* offered to be Tyrion’s champion, yaay. 😀
    I might or might not have read like ten of your posts at one go. hehe.


    1. *** SPOILER ALERT! ***
      I had to put this just in case I get myself into trouble! Oh I know! The Prince of Dawn gives me major wood! and that heart to heart he has with Tyrion broke me. I love Peter Dinklage more than life! I’m also into The Hound and Ayra, I just love their dynamic. But I am trying to train myself not to love anybody so it doesn’t hurt as much when we lose them. I’m still nowhere near over the Red Wedding!

      Thanks for stopping over. Would be interested to know whose blog you came via, just to be nosy. I am about to go for a walk and then come back and eat lunch, over which I will dig into your blog. Sounds like we have similar tastes! Thanks again and nice to meet you! x


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