A Quick Update

tumblr_n4anu0NcTT1r8tkaro1_400I’m still here.

I have been busy doing this and that, mostly pottering about kind of stuff AKA the best kind way to be spending time. I love a potter about.

Most of what I have been getting up to would seem boring to the outside world but has been utterly fascinating and all-consuming to me.

Maybe not fascinating.

At the moment I feel like a person in recovery, not from an illness luckily, but from myself, and from the dreadful care I have been taking of my body.I am making huge changes (for me) and trying to deal with the hugely disrespectful things I have done to this temple of mine by not caring enough that it’s crumbling; and coming down around my ears.

If that sounds dramatic then good, the way I am tackling these changes has been dramatic. I want to change and I am changing.

Now I feel like I need to get out every day at least once, get my legs and my arse moving. I’ve been taking Zumba classes. I bought a hula hoop. I’m different, in the way I move I think, and the way I hold my body upright – it’s all positive.

I never wanted to get obsessed or anything like that, but I want to have enough of a conscience that when I pick up a giant bag of crisps and think “I’m eating all of this”, a voice says “Yeah, but is it really worth it?”.

I’m not miraculously smaller or firmer, far more work needs to go into it than that, but the seed is sown.

Zumba, for the record is a laugh. It’s extremely cheesy and the good-natured gurning of our extremely attractive instructor should have me cringing, but it doesn’t. Laughing that much is good for you, as are the squats. Those bastard squats.

So if you wonder what I’m up to right now, I’m working on me.


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