Run, Fat Girl, Run

I should have included this on the last update but forgot. Again, it probably falls under the category of “Who else, besides me actually cares?” but it’s my blog and I’ll be tedious if I want to!

Running. Yeah, I’m still not doing very well. Between you and me *leans in* I haven’t even attempted to run for two weeks.

Bad. Bad. Bassy.

I know I will never get better if I don’t Just Do It (aah?) but I haven’t been. I haven’t given up per se, I just haven’t been trying. The thought of running still appeals – it’s something I want to be good at – to me it’s more than just about the health benefits.

I can just see myself running in the middle distance, one of those bottles you can hold in your hand in my hand – cute running gear and a sweaty face. I can visualise this and see myself being good at it.

I think my downfall is that I keep thinking that as soon as I lose weight there’ll be less of me to carry around. I’ll be lighter and therefore more aerodynamic! But this makes no actual sense, you don’t lose weight if you ain’t moving, right?

I do feel better. I know I am getting there. It’s not like I’m not moving at all – all the good I am doing should make running easier eventually. I’m going to just start.

What have I got to lose? Except flab, obviously!

*Please note: Photo is not mine – but damn, I want those sneaks!

6 thoughts on “Run, Fat Girl, Run

  1. I fall in and out of love with running on a regular basis. It takes a while of me actually going out and then something clicks and I go “Oh yeah I DO like this!” (even though I’m not good at it.)

    At the moment I’m approaching that point, I can feel it. But for now I’m still in the dragging myself out there with a kick up the arse phase.


    1. Oh hey you! Well, I have read some of your running posts so it is somewhat inspiring to me to know that you feel that way as well, except the difference is that you are doing it and aiming towards a goal. I like the kick up the arse phase but we all take a bit of time to get there.

      Also, I love your guide to Mediocre Running, I’m reading it again. With a cup of tea, having come back from the park for a WALK.

      Next time… 😀 x


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