The Game

*** This post may contain spoilers, not intentional ones but just in case, tread gently ***

My money’s on The Hound. Wait. What?

Once this series of Game of Thrones wraps, I swear I am checking myself into a spa to deal with the fatigue. If not an actual padded cell.

Everything has happened in Season 4.

Last night’s episode actually turned my stomach and I’ve survived series one, the Battle of Blackwater and both the Red and Purple Weddings. So this is really no mean feat.

They kept us waiting until the final fifteen minutes or so of the episode in which we checked in with almost every faction; Little Finger in the Eyrie, Hound and Ayra on their walking holiday, Jon Snow and “You had but one job” Samwell Tarly (one job!).

Daenerys dishing out Justice like a badass while still somehow being the weakest character in the entire ensemble.

Even the naughty Wildlings flitted about doing what Wildlings do best and that isn’t tea and conversation, honey, if you know what I’m saying.

All in all even without the impending “Trial by Combat” it would have been a decent episode.

But then it was time and well, I can’t say anymore about it without dropping the ending in but let’s just say it was amazing and shocking, even though one warrior had to fall so it shouldn’t of been. In the end, in fact, it played out exactly as it should have, as we were all no doubt predicting it would as we watched it unfurl before our eyes.

Exactly, guys. EXACTLY.

I watched it standing up, about a foot away from the television, concern about square eyes firmly in the back of my mind. I screamed, I cried (not really) and I think I might have even begged someone; God, George RR Martin(?) to change the outcome at the last minute.

Mostly, I watched through parted fingers and annoyed my husband.

It was amazing. It was disgusting. It was pant wettingly exciting and I went to bed feeling nauseous.

More please!

(And then I’ll start my therapy sessions)

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