The Regular Show


Like my good friend Hannah, I have recently been pondering this whole writing malarkey and what it’s really all about.

I’m the absolute Queen of thinking about doing something for a long time before I actually get off my lily white arse to do it. Look at running, for instance, an activity I am very much into the thought of but am yet to seriously attempt.

Writing is the same, although I do write from time to time. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t but what do I actually say most days? A lot about nothing and nail polish, that’s what.

It’s time to start stretching myself and with the help of some writing prompts, I think I can get a lot out. So, with the encouragement of Han, who has recently posted some brilliant pieces, I’m going in too.

I’ll be looking to The Daily Post and also Writing Exercises for inspiration. I’m also going to set aside regular writing slots every evening this week. Basically, have lap top will write; have prompts will free style. Something like that.

Where do you get your inspiration from, writers?

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