The Trouble With Netflix

Photograph does not belong to me
Photograph does not belong to me

Anybody else got a Netflix addiction? Seriously, it’s like a potent drug and I’m expecting an intervention any time soon.

It all started with the Adventures of an Upper East Side Gossip Monger (or Gossip Girl) and has spiralled from there. I wonder sometimes if my relationship can take the strain of yet another weekend main-lining trash TV in my pajamas.

I’ve just finished Nurse Jackie but have done: Gossip Girl, Hemlock Grove, Orange is the New Black, all 7 series of Skins, now the first season of Bates Motel. I don’t know what the deal is with the way it just takes over your brain and holds you there for two days straight, rendering you unable to do anything else, like keep a rational thought in your head, Hoover or leave the flat. I’ve been known to not speak to my own family for several hours while they are in the same room.

Perhaps my only hope is to stop the subscription and step away from the PS3. Go cold turkey and take back control of my life.


Are you still watching “Nurse Jackie”?

Just one more episode, then I’ll read a book. Promise!

3 thoughts on “The Trouble With Netflix

  1. I was addicted to netflix. I have broken free a little bit. Breaking Bad was the hook for me. I watched seasons 1-5 in the space of 6 weeks. Orange Is The New Black was next, I wish I hadn’t raced through season 2. I miss it. X

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    1. I am completely with you on that one. I love that show and did it in a weekend. Now we have to wait a very long time for the next one. I’ve just done the same with Nurse Jackie – it’s like an illness!

      The thing is, I think I might need to quit it along with Facebook. But it’s so hard! So hard x


  2. I’m having Netflix withdrawals. Ah yes, I too would absent mindly ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘Trailer Park Boys’ the evenings away!


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