Autumn Baby

I’m an Autumn baby, baby.tumblr_mu5l73pd3z1qzpegpo2_500

Born on the 25th November, technically I was born just after my favourite season, but I refuse to accept I am anything other than a child of Autumn, or The Fall as my Canadian buddies would say.

What’s to love about the season that follows directly after our (usually quite disappointing) Summer? Only everything!

Something within me starts to stir the moment that cool breeze starts to drift through my bedroom window. I keep it open so I can feel Autumn’s kiss on my skin, so I can embrace my cool pillow; and every dive below the covers feels like Heaven.

Summer is oppressive to me, clings to the flesh like something grubby and yes, it’s nice when people are smiley and half-dressed but it’s not for me, that heat, that humid prison. I like the rain and I like it when the temperature drops, before it gets too agonisingly cold and the gloves have to come out.

Autumn represents freedom to me, and takes me right back to my year alone in Vancouver; making new friends, carving pumpkins for the first time, being at one with myself. Although that year I had been wild throughout the Summer, Autumn was mine to actually work through my issues. Make do and mend.

I was lonely at times but it was a good kind of companionship; I fell in love with my own strengths, put my weaknesses to bed. I accepted that I would be the one to make my decisions now and I made good ones. I took risks, I trusted – and those decisions lead me here.

But Autumn is the whole package. Everything about it is magical; the change to the scenery, the low golden light and darker nights; it feels like home. It feels like my fresh start, my Spring.

This year I am looking forward to boots and scarves, early Pumpkin Spice lattes, cinnamon and blankets. I’m looking forward to the smell of the park as I walk around it, maybe even run. I’m looking forward to the crunch underneath my feet and to the gorgeous auburn leaves.

Hurry on up Autumn, I’m waiting for you.

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