Bah Bye 2014!

tumblr_nhdfojHJg01tsfm3lo1_1280Well well well, here we are on the cusp of a brand new year and it feels like we were standing here not so long ago, doesn’t it? Where did 2014 go?

That said, quite a lot of shit has gone down and even as I ponder how speedily those months have flown by, I know it has felt like a full year.

The obligatory recap (and you will have to forgive me for a rather long and self indulgent post):

It’s hard to believe that A Voluptuous Mind has only been in existence since March. Before that I wore a few monikers, including The Meet Cute and Groupie for the Underdog.

Looking back on my blog is how I know what I did, what my mental states were throughout and what I have achieved.

I started my current job role in February after what felt like an epic battle to get it. I went up against my (now) good friend and in the end won it based on my writing ability. To me a great victory, even if it appears small to others.

It’s been a huge learning curve, stepping up from the bottom (where all good employees begin) into Head Office and having to adapt accordingly. For the most part I am happy and doing well, with a few frustrations that don’t seem important now. I’m doing okay work wise. Whether I will ever have a career based on what I do now is another matter, but is something to have a think about.

What my job has given me is a handful of really brilliant friendships and for that how could I ever be mad? I’ve been touched by the love I have received from three of my now closest friends and feel like a stronger person for each one of them. I’ve been inspired to get off my ample arse and move, in the best possible way – to think about what I want from life, who I want to share it with and invest in.

These women are a million light years away from the unhealthy friendships I have put up with in the past and that’s just magical really.

Among the hair brained schemes I had at the beginning of 2014 were: singing lessons, hula hooping and running. Only one of those stuck to be honest, but hey, that’s better than nothing. I also tried my hand at reviewing a few movies and books, which is something I would like to take into the new year.

I plan to have my nose stuck in a book as much as possible next year, rather than on my phone or whiling the hours away on Candy Crush Soda (which has not real merit at all). Ditto Netflix.

We spent time with some gorgeous puppies, one belonging to a friend, the other a new family member called Baxter. My brother got married twice; once at City Hall in NYC and more recently, in Whitstable, Kent. Both ceremonies were glorious and I’m sad that I only got to attend the one of them.

(I should add here that he married the same woman twice!)

I danced a lot, let my hair down perhaps a little too much. Embraced life and my friends and being social. I dressed up twice in fancy dress. Anybody who really knows me, knows what a big deal it is for me to actually go out. If I’m there in my finery, raising a glass then I really want to be there.

I got tattooed a lot. Like a lot a lot. Enough that I’ve heard the phrase “Another one?” hundreds of times. Yes another one *eye roll*

G and I celebrated our third wedding, or ‘Leather’ anniversary. I’m continually blown away by how amazing my husband is. I don’t really spend that much time publicly gushing about how cool he is at all times, as it seems a bit sickly sweet, but he is.

He is just a fantastically gentle human being with the heart of an ox. He’s so kind and patient that I sometimes have to stop and ask myself why he puts up with me in all my grumpy glory. I mean, on PMS days I’m a monster with next to nothing good to say, why can’t he see this? Turns out he does but loves me anyway. And that makes me the luckiest person on the planet.

This year I #selfie’d the shit out of my face, baked two cakes, went to the dentist (which I’d been putting off due to crippling fear) and spent a lot of time with extended family. I reached a really great place with my stepson, who’s rad.

I didn’t travel, hardly at all, which is sad but also not. I’m such a homebody and I don’t see anything wrong with staying at home when you’re happy there. I want to change this soon but the finances need a kick up the arse first, maybe just before the Summer or shortly thereafter. Maybe not at all.

I wrote a few posts I was really proud of, like this one. And this one.

I thought a little too much about Kim K’s naked form, Renee’s face and the heartbreaking loss of Robin Williams.

Finally, at the end of November we lost my grandfather. Despite the fact that my own relationship with him wasn’t great, I miss him. I think every one of us was a rocked by his death, much more that we thought we would be, despite it being inevitable at 98.

At the same time there was a family emergency on Glynn’s side, and Mum lost a friend in a shocking way. So for a few weeks there it was stressful and sad. Luckily the Whitstable wedding came along at just the right time to perk us up and give us something to focus on. I’d never attended a Christmas wedding and there is something quite lovely about it.

Tim’s Best Man delivered a speech that brought the whole room to tears and I just can’t stop thinking about it. They’ve been best friends for 27 years and he brought up memories that I thought had gone forever.

He told a story about our childhood dog, Lady and when it came to the end, his voice broke as he told the room how proud our Dad would be of Tim, were he here today. I cried like a baby.

Now it’s made me think an awful lot about my own friendships. 27 years is a massive amount of time to know somebody who isn’t a family member and I’m saddened sometimes that my own ‘best friendship’ didn’t last the distance.

During times like this I miss her and even though we are never, ever getting back together, it’s hard not to have her there. Things happen regularly that she would find hilarious and I can’t tell her. There is a void if I’m honest but I refuse to invest in the idea of just one person being your best friend in life.

On that note I am going to slowly pack up my stuff, hoover out the foyer of 2014 and pop the keys back through the letter box. If you have read down this far (hello Mummy!) then I am wishing you an exceptionally Happy New Year.

I hope 2015 is the one. I hope you get everything you wish for, that your health and happiness is tip top and that any change you wish to make goes smoothly and successfully. And if you’re not bothering with all that shit this year, then I hope you continue as you are, because you’re pretty bloody perfect. Trust me!

Catch you on the flip side with a more detailed resolutions post. Lucky you!

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