A Moment in Time

What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. Via The Daily Post (20th January 2015)


This is the last good picture I took. I sure as Hell photograph a lot of things I think are funny/cute that don’t deserve the light of day (selfies, aside). This was taken in the rickety old building I work in that is almost pitch black after 5pm in the Winter.

This means any trips to the bathroom, or anywhere else for that matter, are conducted almost entirely in the dark. It gets most stressful if you have an imagination like mine. I think the building would be the perfect setting location for a slasher/horror movie.

Aside from that, the toilets are actually haunted. Word is that our ghoul likes to flit between male and female bathrooms, indiscriminately, so we can’t decipher gender. All we do know is that it likes to set off the hand dryer while you’re in the middle of business. If you’re in there alone, you can often hear footsteps and I swear it’s accompanied by the sound of beads clanking together. I’m thinking monk or nun.

One night it whispered “hello” into a colleague’s ear as she walked out. We’ve taken to calling our ghost Fergal, regardless of anything.

I like this picture because it’s atmospheric. It makes me appreciate my work place more. It’s a run down building with not much going for it except character.

I like character in my surroundings.

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