The Leibster Award – Part 2

My absolute babe of a friend, Tatty has recently started blogging (about time) and has very sweetlyliebster nominated me for The Leibster Award. I’m no stranger to this award (and similar) having been nominated a few times (get me and my huge head!), you can see my last award posts here and here.

These are the official Leibster Award rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Tell us 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions from your nomination
  • Nominate 11 new blogs, that have under 200 followers
  • Write 11 questions for them to answer
  • Let the bloggers know they have been nominated

I am going to modify this a little bit and just do the top three points, even though the thought of finding 11 new facts about myself that I haven’t used before makes my head spin. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m also not going to nominate anybody this time. This is not because I haven’t found any great blogs lately, it’s just most of the bloggers I regularly interact with have been nominated before, by me. (If I regularly interact with you and you’re thinking, oh right what am I then, chopped sodding liver? and would like to receive a Leibster Award, please don’t be shy. I’m sure you’d be on my list if I were doing nominations).

But to the award! Firstly, a big shout out to Tatty, my nominator. Not only am I lucky enough to call this girl my good friend, I also get to sit beside her five days a week at work. I’m the Marketing Assistant in our department and work closely with Tatty every day. We have some big lols, we have some stressy days but basically, I couldn’t do that shit without her. She is brilliant.

So, Tatty, thanks for thinking of me. I am so proud of your blog and so happy that you are passionate about it. You’re going to go so far, in every aspect of your life, and I just feel very fortunate to know you.

My 11 random facts:

PicMonkey Collage

  1. I’ve set myself the challenge to read 75 books this year, according to goodreads, I’m already 2 books behind schedule. Eek
  2. My biggest fear in life is being in the water but not because of the water per se, more because of sharks (I blame Jaws). I also don’t swim in pools in case a shark accidentally gets in to that too (a fear that Christina Ricci also shares)
  3. I have a Tumblr and it has a rude URL
  4. I hate it when people can’t laugh at themselves, I think it makes an individual become very ugly very quickly
  5. I recently bought myself a legal middle name via the DPO. It’s the name of the main character of a novel I am yet to write
  6. I have vivid dreams almost every night and sometimes I say very bizarre things to my husband in my sleep. One morning recently I asked him how we were going to get rid of ‘Jess’ body’
  7. I bloody love Oscar Season! From the films themselves to the red carpet looks, speeches and after party gossip, I can’t imagine a more glamorous event. I know it doesn’t strictly mean anything beyond a label to put on future movie posters (Starring Academy Award Winner, Christa Bass) but I don’t even care. Let me have this.
  8. I share the same birthday as Christina Applegate but she is six years older than me
  9. I regularly Tweet @tomhanks but he’s yet to hit me back


  10. I really really fancy Jonah Hill. I have no preference to which era of Mr Hill (fat Jonah/skinny Jonah), I love him at all times
  11. I love miniature things, like doll’s house furniture/food/crockery/cutlery and if I had the space and the money, I would have a huge doll’s house in my home. Even though that thought is a little spooky (see: The Awakening)

My questions from Tatty:

  • What colour clothing do you wear most? I guess the obvious answer is black for most of my core pieces (leggings, jeans) but I wear a lot of print so I’m not restricted to a specific colour palette. I love greens and blues, but there isn’t a colour I wouldn’t wear. Well, maybe beige, creams and peaches – because they remind me of being naked, and I’d rather BE naked than LOOK naked.
  • What’s your job? I’m a Marketing Assistant slash Copywriter slash Office Kook
  • What’s the best holiday that you have taken? I’ve had some great times and been to some amazing countries for long periods of time but the best ever holiday was in Vancouver with my then boyfriend, Glynn (now my husband). He came to stay with me (I lived there) for two weeks. Was the best fortnight of my life, hanging out with the absolute best person in the world ❤
  • What’s the best advice you can give, from experience, to a new blogger? Be true to your own voice. Draw inspiration from other blogs but be yourself. Don’t compare yourself too much to others and don’t worry about the likes, etc. Also, write as often as you can, use spell check and proof your posts before hitting Publish (!), it does make a difference. And for shit’s sake, have fun!
  • What inspires you to publish a new post on your blog? Anything can inspire me, from a flicker of an idea when I’m walking to work, something a friend says or something topical. Inspiration can strike at any moment.
  • Who’s your biggest fan and supporter? My Mum loves my blog and will bring up posts I have written when we speak or see each other. She’s also been known to print out posts and show the hard copy to her friends. Actually, even thinking about that makes me well up. Without a doubt, my biggest cheerleader is my lovely mother. Love you Mama!
  • What’s your silliest/weirdest habit? When I eat certain foods I have to eat them in twos, like chips. I have to find two the same length and eat them at the same time.
  • Who would you want to play you in a film about your life? (doesn’t have to necessarily be realistic) Ha, Nicki Minaj? In the film of my life I would have chosen Philip Seymour Hoffman (Hello! Have you seen Flawless?), but sadly that’s never going to happen. G says Emma Stone (because of our blue eyes) so maybe her. You said it didn’t have to be realistic… 
  • If there was something that you could save money on what would it be? It would be rent, internet and council tax to be honest. Those are by far the largest outlays every month. So if you have any tips on that…
  • What’s your favourite band? I love The Smiths and The Cure.
  • What’s your favourite blog on WordPress? Yours love! I also flipping love the following:

    My boo Almost Erica
    The Pink Panther Snipes Again
    (un)attached blog
    Fannie Frankfurter
    My oldest blog friend, Umbrella Weather

Thanks again, Tatty, this was super fun ❤

All images via Google.

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