My Week in Pictures – February 02 to 06

PicMonkey Collage
This week was sent to test me I believe but I can only assume, since I am here at the tail end of Friday with a smile on my face, that I have passed that particular exam. If not with flying colours, then at least in one piece.

I’m still in hibernation mode, honestly so have made minimal plans to see anybody after work and at weekends and I really don’t mind. It’s cold and a good time to get other shit done. I’ve also been feeling very overwhelmed (at work only) and a bit sick so it’s nice to be feeling more myself today!

Pictures, left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Some amazing new graffiti along Upper Lewes Road near work (and home). My colleague (more of below) and I took a short walk to Graffitiville at lunchtime and got these lovely shots
  2. This week has mostly been sponsored by sugar
  3. More graff
  4. Hair and arse courtesy of Mother Nature, pose all mine (was posing for a look at my new bag post, coming soon. Maybe)
  5. My beautiful and talented friend, Tatty of, being all sexy and stuff in the graveyard. NBD
  6. This is Tom. Tom’s all manly and things, carries a penknife and eats donuts like Bear Grylls eats beetles (or something)
  7. Rabbit Rabbit (more graff)
  8. I’m only a few chapters in but I’ve wanted to read this creepy book forever. Finally I sourced a cheap copy and so far so good. It’s about a child serial killer. Review to follow #onewomanbookclub
  9. Stranger danger (more graff)

So, that’s my week. Pretty standard stuff but good. Thank God for the two Ts I work with. They make even the shittest days much easier.

IMG_20150205_131018I have to share this also, that I returned home from after work drinks on Wednesday in an absolute state with a migraine and sickness (leftover from the bug), having had an absolute stinker of a day in the office, to a card from my lovely mother. I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing it (left).

Proof that mums (the good ones) have a sixth sense about these things, know when you’re having a crappy time even though you haven’t told them and will always have your back. I love you Mum, and I’m confident that you’ll read this, being my most loyal of all readers.

So, how have your weeks been, loves? Happy weekend!

15 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures – February 02 to 06

  1. Also, I don’t know if WordPress limits how far a comment thread can go on for or if I’m just WordPress-challenged, but I can’t figure out how to reply to your reply on my blog. So I’m inviting myself over.
    I am so pumped for collaborative critiquing/virtual movie date!!!
    Obviously Ginger Snaps is a possibility b/c Ginger Snaps is always a possibility.
    Sadly, not available on Netflix.
    Some Netflix options: Frankenstein’s Army, Hellraiser II, Grabbers? If it’s not already apparent, I will watch anything and everything.


    1. Ooooooh well Ginger Snaps has just appeared on my Netflix, but I’m on the UK version so that may explain why you can’t see it. That would be perfection and oooh another great twist to the challenge could be us taking turns introduction the other to a film we love and seeing what the other thinks? Oh my god we are geniuses (geniui?).

      However, I am up for the other three you mentioned. I loved Hellraiser so much but didn’t see the sequels. Shall we shortlist a few films and then form a plan? Totes up for this! x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So, I’ve got access to the US Netflix so we can be on the same playing ground. Shall we shortlist a few films and present them to each other then decide? I’m thinking we could do different genres, if we like the challenge, make it a regular thing? It seems natural to start in the horror section.

    Especially now I’ve just seen a movie called Killer Mermaid. Also, shall we take our discussion to email? I’m if you want to! C x


    1. God, I…I don’t know.
      I could easily rustle up a copy of Ginger Snaps, but there are some potential classics on US Netflix. Um…Killer Mermaids sounds fantastic.
      We have much to discuss!
      Look out for email from jsheilas!


  3. WHOA, lady. You just asked me to make a commitment for multiple weeks, if not months?
    I need my space, woman!
    Ha, no, that sounds like a lot of fun! I e-mailed you with some definite possibilities, though the gods of Netflix do provide plentiful options…so basically we just need to make some decisions!


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