Happy Birthday to Meeeee!

“What do you mean I look ‘cute’?”

A Voluptuous Mind is one today!

I wasn’t sure how to celebrate this significant (to me) day but then I decided that maybe I would have a virtual birthday party right here and invite an array of fantasy guests to share cake with. Sounds legit, non?

3273518391_c98d57e3bdOn a serious note, this blog has been a real joy for the past 12 months. I’ve officially been blogging since 1st December 2004, which is a very long time. When I began, I had the username Wondy Woman (yes, I can still access it) and have since tried on a couple of different monikers (and blogs) for size. I think I’ll stick it out here now, it’s a good place to be.

My first foray into the world of blogging wasn’t really about quality writing and it wasn’t very introspective either, which means for years it wasn’t very deep. I hope that’s changed since. I have to thank my good friend, Paul (AKA Shocking Fish) for the push to set up a blog in the first place; and all the amazing friends I have made along the way.

Before we begin this virtual birthday party, I thought it would be nice to touch upon a few of my favourite posts from the last year. They aren’t necessarily the most ‘popular’ or the most commented upon, they’re just personal to me.

  • Dream Reader – I wrote a post for my dream reader. Does pretty much what it says on the tin.
  • Memoir Madness – Tattoos, tears and big fuck yous. I love this post and I love how it makes my blood boil, still.
  • Brother – An ode to my favourite sibling.
  • On Bees and Efs – I got introspective about losing a friend.
  • Think Ink – On my love of tattoos and where it all began.
  • Night Film Review – I loved this book so much.
  • Specs Appeal – Making a spectacle of myself as a glasses wearer.

But to the fun bit. Along with all you lovely readers; my Mum, who I know reads this blog and my friends out there in the real world, I’d like to take the opportunity to invite a couple of people I admire. I’ve carefully chosen these guests so I hope you’ll make them feel welcome and share your cake nicely (don’t worry, I don’t believe in sharing food either, I’ll just make sure there’s plenty for everybody).

PicMonkey Collage

Björk – She’d tell the greatest anecdotes and turn up in the best possible attire.

Lena Dunham – I’d like to talk to her about Girls and writing.

Lisbeth Salander – I know she’s a fictional character but this is my party and I’ll invite book characters if I want to. She’d hate my party and be aloof of course, but I fancy I would crack the surface just a bit before the night was out.

Idris Elba – He’s just so cool and beautiful. I think he’d be an immensely pleasurable guest to have around.

Of course, my guest of honour is a no brainer.

EE British Academy Film Awards 2014 - Red Carpet Arrivals

Tom Hanks and I would hit it off right away, because who wouldn’t? He’d be the nicest man I’ve ever met and smash every expectation I had right out of the ball park.

We already know from this recent video that Hanx likes a sing and dance so I’d expect him throwing shapes to Spice Up Your Life quite soon after he entered the party.

Additional music will be provided by Flight of the Conchords.bret-mckenzie-jemaine-clement-flight-of-the-conchords-01

It would be a pretty radical party which is funny because I realise in all my 37 years on this earth, I’ve never thrown one.

I’m not what you’d call a natural party girl. I used to suffer panic attacks before every night out in London and given the choice as a teenager, would always have picked staying home. I didn’t but I would have had my friends let me.

I’m better now and I’ve even been known to have some very good times of my own volition. I like to dance like a loon and drink, very rarely, but when I do, I like to do it properly.

Anyway, happy birthday to you, A Voluptuous Mind. Happy birthday to me, A Voluptuous Girl. Here’s to many more happy years together.

But mainly, thanks to every single one of you, who take the time to read my words and thoughts, who comment and like; and to those of you who stop me in the supermarket, or in the street; who message me and say you enjoy my writing. I’m doing this because I love it, but you make it feel worthwhile.

Thank you all.

Now, who’s for virtual cake?

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Meeeee!

  1. I missed your blog birthday???
    Well, happy belated birthday!
    THANK YOU for inviting Idris Elba to the party. I’m going to spend the entire time staring at him/never stopping even when he gets uncomfortable and asks me to stop.


      1. If you’re a fan of horror, and especially the old auteurs of the genre, you will love it. It’s very good. Looking back maybe not the most highbrow but a film fan’s must read! Highly recommended xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

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