A Voluptuous Love


This week (and beyond) I have decided to set little daily tasks for myself in a effort to motivate myself towards change.

Before anyone panics and throws themselves into a wild flap on my behalf, I’m doing okay, despite not being in the best place (professionally/creatively/spiritually/healthily).

I don’t want to be the person who just sits there biding her time, waiting for change. For a while now I have been doing just that, and I have to stop now or I might go mad.

Over the next few days I’ll share more about this (lucky you!) but yesterday morning I was thinking about the brilliant Radical Self Love Movement and how maybe I should start my own. So I’m going to start tagging these posts with my own version, #avoluptuouslove.

Cheesy, innit? I don’t even care. I need something to fire me up in the mornings and this might be it.

So, you may wonder what I did on Monday after my light bulb moment. I’ll tell you.

I did three wee things:

  1. I started listening to the highly motivational Bangs and a Bun The No Bullshit Guide to Life podcast (here). Oh, really? Not familiar? Well you should get on it because I really think there is something for everyone within. My favourite so far has been How Do You Define Yourself? as it really hit home in a number of ways.You know the best thing about this whole discovery (I’ve been meaning to tune in for some time, after following Muireann (AKA B&aB) on Twitter and Instagram for the longest time)? I tweeted her to say thank you and that she’d really struck a nerve. And she tweeted back! Suffice to say I am even more smitten now.
  2. I bought my blog a birthday cake (above). But then I had to eat it. Which is okay really, because we’re worth it.
  3. I wrote this post.

So, this is my vow to have nothing but #avoluptuouslove for myself and others, from now on.

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