Chillin’ out maxin’

Excuse my absence this week, if indeed you have even noted it.

I’m on hols.

By hols I don’t mean that I smell like biscuits (fake tan, innit) nor have I been parading around all day every day in a string bikini, no. All I mean is that I haven’t had to go to work for eight whole days and frankly, it’s been bliss.

This isn’t an ‘I Hate Work’ rant, believe it or not I have missed elements of my working day. But it has been much needed. I have slept late, eaten whatever the fuck I wanted, read books, watched trashy TV, caught up on films I wanted to see and enjoyed the midday sun on my pale face; and I haven’t written a damn thing, which is something I really wanted to do.

I guess we can all do with a break sometimes, even from the things we adore fully.

I have been doing more nail art, which some of you might not know has been my ‘thing’ for quite some time. Well, until I did it too much and lost my love for it. I won’t be giving it all up anytime soon to open my own salon (one thing I’ve learnt is that being a nail technician is not for me and best left to the pros), but I will be doing it again, for myself and close friends/colleagues.

It’s fun to wear my own designs and have people strike up conversations about my nails. Nail art makes people happy and that’s exactly what it should do. So that’s some cool news.

Hope your weeks have been spectacular. I’ll be back soon with some proper posts. I promise.


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