Sunday Morning

Sneak peak…

I live for Sunday mornings, before the rest of the house is up. I’m there with coffee, my notebook and a b-movie on Netflix, ready to cast judgement and make sarcastic comments.

This morning the Brighton Marathon is passing by my window, and I can hear the encouraging cheers from the crowd as I lift my second, third crumpet into my mouth.

Ah Sundays…

Review of Lizzie Borden Took An Ax coming tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

      1. I am beyond excited. George R.R. had apparently said we need to be on our toes, so I’m ready for the ride! Rewatched The Mountain Vs. The Viper trial by combat last night. Eek! x


    As it turns out, tomorrow will be the day from hell, so I’m writing as we speak(?) and scheduling my post to be published tomorrow morning! So excited to read your review!
    I feel like switching to Mondays is actually the greatest idea since this collab began b/c it takes away some of their soul-crushing awful power.

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