A Voluptuous Mind – Introduction to Podcasting

Welcome to my Introduction to Podcasting (lite)

Things I have learnt about myself via this 7 minute podcast:

  • I’m so enthusiastic! About everything! Everything is fantastic and apparently, I absolutely love everyone! (Cringe)
  • I say ‘medium’ a lot. Like a lot, a lot
  • I’m not very good at sound editing
  • The crackles in the background are evidence of my perpetual fidgeting
  • I sound quite posh
  • There needs to be more structure

Please check out the podcasts mentioned:

No Pun Intended Podcast
No Bullshit Guide to Life – Bangs and a Bun
Serial Podcast

Podcast theme music by Ben Sound

Hope you enjoyed this, I’ll get better I promise! (I hope)

11 thoughts on “A Voluptuous Mind – Introduction to Podcasting

    1. You are the greatest! Haha I’ve been offered voice work before and maybe sex lines, thank you so much. Definitely need to rein my thoughts in when speaking, perhaps we can do one together one day?! 💋💋💋


  1. Yay podcast!
    I think you should pretend to be Lake Bell and only podcast with a Russian accent. 🙂
    Gah, I’ve been putting off The Paying Guests b/c I don’t want to be disappointed. LOVE Fingersmith. You should blog/podcast about it if it gets better!
    You might like Church of Marvels? Just read it and blogged about it and, in fact, compared it to Fingersmith in my review.

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