Choose Life

tumblr_mpzuvdoUXJ1qzi9p6o1_1280Choose life. Choose a fulfilling job. Choose a career, if that’s what you want. Choose a family, whatever your definition of family is. Choose a f**king big piece of cake. Choose hair straighteners, hula hoops, 6th generation iPod Nanos, and electric facial cleansers. Choose good health, walks at lunch time and dental insurance, even if you forget to claim it. Choose dreaming about having a mortgage. Choose a starter home you’ll never afford. Choose your friends. Choose skinny jeans and slogan T-shirts that quote Beyoncé. Choose a battered old sofa bed in the front room for guests, even though everything you own falls down the back of it. Choose Hoovering and hanging up your clothes, wondering who you are on a Saturday morning, don’t worry you can binge watch Netflix as soon as it’s done. Choose sitting on that couch watching Orange is the New Black, stuffing strawberry laces into your mouth. Choose letting go at the end of it all, happy in the knowledge that it was a good life and all that worry was for nothing, really. Choose after work drinks, choose swearing because it makes you feel better, choose the right people to be around, tell the others to fuck off. Choose a good partner, if you want one; enjoy single life if you prefer. Choose to love people. Choose your future. Choose life.

I made my ending a little more positive, original quote here.

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