Dream Weaver

tumblr_nrupgrR0VI1qiww0to1_500I’ve been having the most bizarre and vivid dreams lately. Perhaps it’s not that surprising given all the human centipedes, creeps and Sensates (not to mention, vengeful feminist vampire teens) I’ve exposed myself to in recent weeks, but still.

Maybe it’s more to do with eating ice cream right before bed, three evenings in a row?

Whatever it is, I’ve been spending my nights roaming the woods with my crossbow (last night), leading an apocalypse survivors gang (night before) and rushing around Disneyland Paris (specifically a new Monsters Inc themed park), trying to find a phone to call work and tell them I’m going to be late (Monday).

Every morning this week I have woken up relieved be in my own bed and not lost in the wilderness. What’s going on, yo? It’s getting exhausting!

Of course these are good old fashioned anxiety dreams, everybody has them from time to time. There are the usual everyday bits and bobs going on, some existential shit such as “What’s it all about?” and the “I need a new job” shiz, but nothing more than normal, or out of the ordinary.

So why am I ferociously fighting for my life, or to get to the office on time, in almost all dreams? Perhaps my inner wall flower gets her best work done subconsciously. Maybe biting my damn tongue all time is finally getting to me and this is my outlet (I’m trying not to be the apologetic/overly diplomatic one all the time).

Whatever the answer is, I’m sure I’ll be doing the same thing tonight. Perhaps I should start paying more attention on these adventures, they’d make great films.


7 thoughts on “Dream Weaver

  1. I would totally read posts about every weird dream you have and watch the movie. They sound kind of fantastic, but I hope you’re getting enough sleep.
    It’s been fairly quiet in my brain at night lately, but I used to have super bizarre dreams. My favorite was about my old Spanish teacher trying to take over the world with ninjas.

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    1. I’m okay, don’t you worry! I am sleeping, but it does feel like I have a second, full time job when the lights go out, and not in the fun way that sounds… I should be more careful about recording these dreams.

      I used to have a really frightening reoccurring nightmare that I hadn’t thought about for years until I saw that documentary about sleep paralysis (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3317522/?ref_=nv_sr_6). Obvs mine was a watered down version, but it makes you think, doesn’t it?

      Erm, please make a film about your dream, it sounds very exciting and also a little Game of Thrones-esque. Looking at you Aria/Syrio Forel xoxo


      1. Oh, good! Not sleeping well is the worst. 😦 Sleep paralysis sounds terrible. That documentary sounds really interesting, but I think it would make me paranoid that I somehow have sleep paralysis without knowing it.
        I’m sure I wrote down that dream with my Spanish teacher, but it was years ago, so I’m not sure where. In my dream he was actually some really important Mexican official and decided to take over the US…starting with my high school (obviously). Also I was driving around with some guy in a pick-up truck, and we had to go down a water slide. HAD to…in order to save the world or something. Hmmmmmm…I just realized how sexual that is.
        Ha ha…sex, violence, conspiracies…damn, my dream life IS right out of Game of Thrones. 😉

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      2. I actually had to stop watching that doc for the very same reason. Creepy.

        Um, if you were looking to take over the US of A, wouldn’t you naturally gravitate toward a high school? I know I would. It’s kind of genius… can this be made into a film with Benicio Del Toro as your teacher? Hummina x

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