Holiday Fuck Yeah!

If anybody needs me next week, I will mostly be doing these things:

  • tumblr_lspg79Y4RD1qzgak3o1_540
    Just hanging with my mates on my time off

    First and foremost, I will be sleeping in. Or if not sleeping in late then at least turning off the alarm and waking up naturally. Which will no doubt mean I’ll be eating cereal in front of Netflix by 8 but with the option to go back to bed whenever the fuck I feel like it – which is kind of the same thing?

  • Updating my CV. I say this but I feel like it’s not a task I want to be doing in my free time, you know? I feel like I should at least be dipping my toe in the job market, seeing what else is out there. That said, I am seriously looking into night classes in web coding because I’m confident I’d be pretty good at that shit, and have been doing quite a lot of web based projects lately – so I’ll be considering my options while I have some time off.
  • Graffiti hunting. As if I’d spend my down time doing anything else. needs some attention and some of Brighton’s best artists are going to be down at the Brighton i360 this Sunday, covering 100 metres of hoarding around the building site – obvs I want to see what they come up with for myself.
  • Thinking about joining the gym. Wait, what? You read that right. I just want to get strong and feel powerful, not out of breath after walking up two flights of stairs – notice how I didn’t say “lose weight”? I’m not doing that to myself anymore. I’ll exercise to feel hench, end of.
  • Not wearing clothes. Naked is always best. Maybe not for my neighbour whose front door looks directly into our kitchen (You’re welcome neighbour).
  • Getting my Marvel on. I thought I was done with the Marvel universe, then I figured I’m just All Avenger-ed Out. Ant-Man and Fantastic Four have turned my head. Paul Rudd in leather? In. Miles Teller in anything? Donesies. Premier seats in the back row with my bae = Heaven.
  • Reading. Lots and lots of reading. This is what I’ve got on the go now, and what’s next:


The First Bad Man by Miranda July
Triptych by Karin Slaughter
Carol by Patricia Highsmith
I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes (Currently reading)
Church of Marvels by Leslie Parry

(Unicorn notebook from Paperchase – for ideas, innit.)


  • I will, of course, also be blogging! By the end of my time off, I will have reviewed 2 films with Jillian. We took a week’ hiatus last week due to our pesky internet outage, but it’s now back in full effect and now so am I. Next up: Wetlands. Any film that uses the tagline “The most WTF, NSFW movie at this year’s Sundance Film Festival” has got my attention, TBH.

Have a good week, all. I know I will! *Takes off bra*

6 thoughts on “Holiday Fuck Yeah!

  1. Chicaaaa, I hope you like Church of Marvels! Getting super nervous!
    I’m jealous of your break, but I know it is well-deserved. And how fantastic that you’ve got some productive goals too! This makes me sound…grown up (shudder), but I feel way better when I do even just one productive thing during vacation. Nothing makes me yearn for a future in which we are all assigned jobs after a scan of our barcode tattoos in quite the same way job hunting does, though.
    Have an amazing time!


    1. I’m sure I’ll like it, it has all the right ingredients at least! I’ll let you know when I finally get to it. I’m right into my thrillers at the moment, so it might be a while. It’s on the shortlist though.

      I cannot wait to have some time off. It’s been so long and I just want to languish but also fill my time with the things I put off while I’m chained to my desk. Which means I’ll waste most of it xoxo

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      1. Also if you learn to code, you will officially be the coolest person I know. Okay, you already are. You’ll go off the charts.
        And I hope you find a gym you like if you decide to join. Loathe as I am to admit it, I have been feeling a LOT better since I started walking/jogging (well, speed walking) regularly. Speaking as an exercise pro (ha), Bluetooth headphones have made my routine infinitely better. I have accidentally ripped my headphones out of my ears for the last time!!!


      2. Hahah, I really want to be a coder. Imagine! When one of the web boys condescends to me I can be all like, “I don’t think so!”. That alone would make it all worth it.

        I miss exercise, I’m going back to it on Monday and forcing myself out every morning and lunchtime. I miss it mentally for sure. I might have to look into the hallowed headphones you speak of, and get an iPod charger that actually works! Thanks pickle xoxo


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