Blue La Da Di La Da Do


Almost a year to today, I wasn’t having a very good week. This week hasn’t been much better if I’m honest.

Yesterday was the kind of day that makes you want to curl in a ball to fend off the rest of world. After you’ve cried every single last tear out of your body, that is. It was shit and annoying and fury inducing.

It was also alllllll about another person’s shit, so I’ll leave it there. What I will say is it is not nice to feel uneasy in your place of work.

Still, it’s at times like this you know who your friends are and I have fantastic ones.

A few things that are making me smile today:

The Weeknd – I Can’t Feel My Face

Funky AF.

One Direction – Drag Me Down

Look, Louis arouses me, k?

Nicki Minaj – doing literally anything


This is my Queen.

Hannah Kent – Burial Rites


This book is so far fantastic.

Camelia Ophelia


Wouldn’t get through my weeks without this babe. Plus, she knows how to inspire a better code of dress (most recent post here).

So, in conclusion: Fuck bad moods. Fuck negativity. Fuck misogynistic bullies and fuck work for four days (long weekend, innit)!

Have a good one all!

5 thoughts on “Blue La Da Di La Da Do

  1. Girl, I’m sorry people suck. You are fantastic and I’m so glad you have some time off from the bullshit! Long weekend, woooooooooooooooooooo!
    And we’ll always have Big Fat Gay Blog Collab. 🙂
    I, uh, enjoy the music of One Direction more than I should probably admit on the internet. Digital record. Never goes away. It’s also slightly embarrassing how much I love Demi Lovato’s latest, but IDGAF. It’s catchy, damnit!


    1. Girl! People do suck! But they’re the ones that prove themselves not to matter anymore. I imagine I feel a little like you did with your yard guy. But I’m moving away from it which is easy as I’m a decent human who doesn’t have to bully people to make myself feel better!

      Genuinely love the Big Fat Gay Collab (and other things), this week will be no exception. Thanks love, I feel better. Also, there should be no shame in a 1D fascination, after all they have been manufactured for our pleasure!

      I’ll checkout Demi LoVa, I love scheese. More than anything.

      Big love mama xoxo

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  2. This is such a great post (as always) totally feeling you on all of this. Louis also arouses me and Nicki Minaj will always be a queen.
    Thank you for my mention, I’m always here for you! Girl power! Fuck the haters. Here’s too better weeks and Friday nights ❤

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