Writing 101: Days 1 & 2 – I Write Because… and Write a List

I decided to sign up for Writing 101 because Jillian mentioned she would be doing it and I’m a dreadful copy cat.tumblr_mqlndk0Tlp1r2an97o1_1280

I must admit that I thought I’d already done this series of prompts before and not handled it very well time wise, but looking back and into my own archive, it looks as though that was Writing 201 (Poetry addition). So this is all new and exciting. No wonder I was crap at 201 (poetry!) when I hadn’t got to grips with the first part – running before I’ve learnt to properly walk, obviously.

I’m already a day behind because of this weekend’s film assignment, so I’m combining Day 1 and 2 to catch up. I hope that’s cool with everyone?

Let us begin.

Writing 101 – Day 1 (Monday 7th September 2015) – I write because…

I write because I love to. I like to mould an image out of words if I can, share my day, make someone I love smile. I write because it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do with my time, that and read books.

So easily I could become a hermit, shut out the world and build my own cave out of blankets and books. Something stops me but one day maybe that will be me.

I write because my mum likes to read what I’ve written. I write because I want to get better, more skilled. I write with a view to digging deeper, scratching the surface before I dive below. I write because I want to see what lurks beneath.

I write because I need to, whether it’s good or not. It’s therapy. It’s my mark on the world, however small. I write because sometimes I just need to get things out.

Writing 101 – Day 2 (Tuesday 8th September 2015) – Write a list

The assignment suggested to try a list such as Things I Like but I want to tackle Things I’ve Learnt instead. There must be something at the grand old age of 37, innit?

Things I’ve Learnt

  • Don’t waste your time on people who can’t make eye contact
  • Similarly, don’t trust people who can’t break it while they’re promising you the world (they’re lying)
  • Never read The Daily Mail
  • Don’t read internet comments, on anything, particularly anything political, religious or about women and their bodies. You’ll never speak to another human being again, outside your immediate circle
  • It’s okay to be who you are if what you are isn’t what you see in adverts
  • Men will likely still sleep with you (Delightedly! Freely! In abundance!) if you’re a fatty – see also: any perceived flaw you think you have (hook nose/crab hands/thin lips)
  • Cheap boots never last beyond a season, if that
  • Credit cards are the devil and do not equate to free money (sadly)
  • Not having kids is as acceptable as having 20 of the little fuckers, to each their own (and no, it doesn’t mean you’re a cold fish)
  • You’ll never win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket…
  • …and nothing worth having ever came easy (just like Mama says)
  • Following your heart might not always work out but 60% of the time, it works every time
  • Oh, and all men are not bastards but a lot of them are serious shit heads.

5 thoughts on “Writing 101: Days 1 & 2 – I Write Because… and Write a List

  1. “Oh, and all men are not bastards but a lot of them are serious shit heads.”
    Also if you ever decide to go the hermit route, let me know and I will bring booze. I seriously researched the shit out of becoming a lighthouse keeper at one point (the profession has been replaced by volunteers, damn it!).
    LOVE you and so pumped we’re in the same class again. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Cheap boots never last beyond a season, if that.”

    Holla that, buying docs was the best thing I ever did for my feet and my bank balance!

    Good luck with writing 101 chick, looking forward to reading! 🙂


      1. Definitely the best things I’ve ever bought. Three years of near constant use and still going, though I must admit they’re worse for wear now!
        I should be apologising! I need to get caught up with your blog, I’ve been offline for like an entire month, if anyone’s a bad blogger it’s me! I hope all is well with you too! 🙂 xx

        Liked by 1 person

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