Writing 101: Day 6 – The Space to Write

This is not me, or my bath tub

Writing 101 – Day 6 (Monday 14th September 2015) – The space to write

I have terrible writing habits. There’s no cute corner desk with Cath Kidston stationery and a pretty flamingo shaped lamp to cast me in the best possible light, I’m afraid. I write on my lap with my laptop while I’m watching TV, and I usually have a cup of tea resting on the arm of the sofa, which 9 times out of 10, gets spilt. In more dramatic times it has toppled over completely, soaking me and the upholstery.

I should probably try and forge myself a little spot by the window, but then where would the rescued arm-chair from the street go? What would we throw all our clean washing upon?

I’m no domestic queen, you may have noted. Nor do I have a writing process per se, or even a routine. I write when I want and when I can, or when the mood takes me and I simply have to. Sometimes I write in my lunch hour at work, sometimes I start typing an outline when I should be doing something more pressing. Generally I’m too busy at work, but one can always find a window.

The only think I do regularly is the Sunday/Monday film review with Jillian, or an assignment (see: today’s).

In an ideal world I would have a quiet writing nook, but quiet only in the sense that there’d be nobody asking for my attention. I can’t bear being pulled out of the zone when I get going. Background noise is fine, preferably Netflix or some music.

Honestly though, I’m pretty sure, just like sleeping, I could write anywhere.

7 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 6 – The Space to Write

  1. Man, I have done that cup-of-tea-on-the-sofa-arm thing way too many times. Sometimes with dinner also, but we won’t talk about heathens who don’t always eat at the table.
    Wherever you write, I’m sure glad you do! xx


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