Writing 101: Day 10 – Update Your Readers

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Writing 101 – Day 10 (Friday 18th September 2015) – Update your readers over a cup of coffee

I was going to write a long thing about how boring my life is in comparison to my friends’ who all go on dates, have scandals and generally live the dream any which way they fucking like (in the good way) and then I stopped myself. I mean, so sue me for being a boring old fart.

Sue me for picking reading a book over dancing in a fountain. Sue me for not having ten holidays a year and spending my money on dresses instead.

Sue me for staying in on a Friday night with Gogglebox instead of going out for dinner.

I’m free-writing this and can you tell this is an inner monologue? I battle with myself all the time, ever since a friend made me cry because I thought she thought I was boring. I’m sure she does think I’m boring – I am boring.

But ever since, I’ve looked at my life the way others might, and it’s making me paranoid. I feel I have to justify everything and I’m not going to do that anymore. It all goes back to comparing yourself to others. Don’t do that.

Focus on your life and the things that are important to you. My family is important to me, and so are my friends – so are naps, pizza and crime novels. Films. Hula hooping. Tom Hardy’s lips. My cuticles. And Netflix.

So what have I been up to?

This morning I watched a video of a squirrel trying to bury an acorn in a dog’s fur, while the dog looked on, too polite to stop him.

We had a collective discussion about the internet and how good/bad it is and I had to explain to Tom who Technotronic are/were.

Then I listened to Neneh Cherry’s Raw Like Sushi while trying to write some uninspiring copy. Don’t dare tell me I’m not living my life!


You guys seen Broad City? If not, I think you should get on it. If for no other reason than so you get all the gifs I’ve used for the last three posts. Ilana is my heart but I feel as though I’m definitely more Abbi.

This weekend I intend to spend several hours with my BFF in her new house (which she’s just bought, on her own, at the age of 30!), eating baked breakfast goods and christening it by viewing YouTube videos under her new roof.

Then I’m going to eat some more and try and get through The Good Girl which is thus far a little slow, not going to lie.

On Sunday I’m reviewing Whiplash (2014), finally, with Jillian. We each have a free pass before Halloween and the Big Fat Horror Collab 2015 begins.

And that’s me.

How about you guys?

8 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 10 – Update Your Readers

  1. I, like you, am boring and proud. Gogglebox and a meal that takes very little effort is a staple of our Friday nights. I go out, but when I’m done, I’m done, thanks for s great time I’m going home. If they continue having great time after I’ve gone, that’s good, I’m glad they’ve done what they wanted. The thing is I found, when you look at your friends, they’re all doing their own thing too, it’s just that their things are slightly different to my things.
    If you are boring, my dear, it’s a fabulous kind of boring. Xx

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  2. “This morning I watched a video of a squirrel trying to bury an acorn in a dog’s fur, while the dog looked on, too polite to stop him.”
    This line, among other things, is why you’re my hero.
    I think you’re absolutely amazing, but I may be a bit boring myself. Last time I “went out” consisted of my sister’s friend cooking us dinner and watching the Food Network for 4 hours. It was glorious and I regret nothing.

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