No Regerts

Don't do this. It's really bad.
Don’t do this. It’s really bad.

I know we’re all supposed to live by the mantra that there should be no regerts in life. I get the philosophy, I do; even the worst decisions should teach us a lesson that helps us make the next ones a little better.

All those heartbreaks, kissing frogs, dancing in the street until 8am, flipping the bird at your pervert boss: them’s life experiences, yo. And you’d be nothing without them, trust me.

Yet. I think it’s okay to look back and think “Ooooooooooooo-eeeeeeee WTAF was I thinking there?” The minor regrets.

Some of mine:

  • 87% of my childhood/teenage haircuts
  • Giving my brother a black eye with my Barbie horse in 1985 (or thereabouts) and denying all knowledge of it being me because he was asleep at the time, and why would I? *innocent eyes*
  • Being so into Vanilla Ice
  • Ra ra skirts
  • Not seeing more of Australia (met a boy din’t I?)
  • At least 50% of the time I’ve spent with my ‘sink’ friends (the ones that drain you)
  • Hitchhiking (nothing bad happened but I still reel at how stupid we were)
  • Not buying that amazing white leopard print coat (1998)
  • Whatever it was that I did to get myself grounded and unable to attend ‘that school disco’, it could have been a game changer (but then again, probably not)
  • Taking out my amazing ear piercings for work
  • Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones
  • Not telling people who’ve told me I’d be beautiful if only I *insert their version of a beauty ideal here* to go and fuck themselves. Sideways

So no big ones there.

The biggest regret I have but don’t count, because so much good came out of it, was my six years of Hell. I’m sure most of you know how that story goes by now.

I can now, thankfully say that that isn’t my longest standing relationship anymore. And even though looking back makes me cringe, I wouldn’t have what I have now without it. That’s just a fact.

So, what about you? What’s your view on regrets?

4 thoughts on “No Regerts

    Also beating myself up for things that are beyond my control.
    And every time I’ve expected cheese-flavored snacks to actually taste like cheese. I always end up disappointed.

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    1. Really it is 100% and also 100% of these cuts were not my idea, but my mother’s who just didn’t want me to be a free spirit back then, man. I’ve looked like a boy for way too many years of my life, which is why I look like a beached mermaid now ❤


  2. I’m on board with the childhood haircut thing. If only because I let my mum cut my fringe for basically the entire of education. REGRET.
    She has every school photo I’ve ever had, up in the lounge and I can’t look for the life of me at all my wonky fringes.
    In fact, I regret all straight fringes I’ve ever had, since the ones I’ve had since school make me look like I’m wearing a helmet. Wish I could pull it off like you! 🙂


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