Searchin’ for Bums

peachesSearch terms are topical at the moment, as Jill just blogged about them in a rather hilarious way. I tend never to check mine because I forget where they’re located tbh and I’m generally a bit of a fool.

But today’s stood out like a sore thumb: jane seymour bum.

Excuse me? I mean I’ve maybe mentioned men’s bums once in the past and I do agree that Jane Seymour is a fine looking woman (and one of the best Bond girls to date) but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned her derriere.

What goes through people’s minds? Also, dear whoever was looking not just for a nice bum to stare at but a very specific bottom indeed, I’m sorry. There are no bums to see here, except maybe the word ‘bum’.

A word which, incidentally, got me into much trouble as a kid. My overuse of this expletive resulted in having my mouth washed out with soap and water by my mother (it was the 80’s, swear words weren’t as evolved back then).

Also, I should say that my mum is the greatest living woman and a joy, not the evil matriarch I make her out to be purely for entertainment value.

So. Bums. Jane Seymour’s Bum.

Would make a great name for a Riot Grrrl band, non?

12 thoughts on “Searchin’ for Bums

  1. Dr. Quinn’s arse solves all problems, right? LOL – hilarious… I love some of my search terms… I should talk about some of mine 🙂 And as a resident of Atlanta, GA – I totally approve your post’s use of peaches!


    1. I love a good peach! I also completely agree, Doctor Quinn is a healer after all. Please do share some of yours! It’s hard to believe people do sit there and type these things into Google. Yet, then I consider my search history and they’ve got me. There’s another blog post idea for another day! 😀

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    1. Oh shit! I forgot she was even in that and that’s the connection! I feel silly now. I probably did mention her arse then. Dammit. This post isn’t so amusing now! But yes, I am grateful for that film every day. Even though I completely forgot about it x


      1. Ha, it’s what I do: spoil the fun for everyone. 😉
        I remember discussing in general how impressively fit she is, esp. as she’s in her 60s. Not sure if we talked about her bum specifically, though it would be rude not to mention it, right?

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  2. I really hope you gained a reader from whoever came looking for bums! I think I skipped bum as a swear word and went straight for ‘crap’. That was my personal favourite as a youngster!
    Loving this search term hilarity! x

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    1. I love ‘crap’! My step son used to say everything was ‘cramp’ which was frankly adorable. I sincerely hope my bum reader has stuck around. Apparently I have a reader in Russia, I’m betting it’s them! xoxo


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