Birthday Month


Anyone else been having a tough couple of weeks? I know a couple of my nearest can attest to the bullshit of the last fortnight or so and I’m right there with them.

I’ve had some shitty tax themed worries hanging over my head (now sorted thankfully) plus the usual work stress but… it’s nearly November and that for me means ‘Birthday Month’, so I’m going to try and enjoy it.

There will be lots of nice things going on towards the end of the month but also next weekend (not this one, as I’m spending it cleaning, eating and sleeping), as Glynn has got us tickets to Brighton Film and Comic Con of all things!

The main draw for me is definitely George A. Romero, King of the Zombies (I can’t imagine him wandering around the hallowed streets of Brighton somehow) while my husband is excited about Spike from Buffy (I’m afraid I’ll lose friends when I admit I never really got into it). My dorky brother, meanwhile is beside himself about the appearance of Carl Weathers (of Predator/Rocky fame). So there’ll be something for everyone here.

Needless to say, the whole day is going to be a hoot. Sadly as a collective we’ve failed to agree on a theme for cosplay, so we’ll be going as civilians this time. If it’s really good, I fully intend to get into a costume for 2016.

Birthdays have always been a bit weird for me, I never really enjoyed them until I was with Glynn. He gets more excited about other people’s birthdays than they do and it’s so sweet. So now I can’t help getting carried away with the excitement. Work’s always a massive crack too, thanks to my amazing colleagues so hopefully we’ll have a good one this year.

I’ll be 38 fucking years old. 38 – nearly four decades, count them. That’s rather a good age I would say, so I’m going to enjoy it and embrace who I am because well I’m not going to change any time soon now, am I? I might be a clumsy, over-apologetic stumpy fingered sugar addict but I am mine.

So that’s me today. Feeling a bit better after those horrific weeks, no longer worried about taxes, forgetting about work for a long weekend and just generally staring at my navel thinking about being old again.

Happy weekend, all.

7 thoughts on “Birthday Month

  1. GIRL, we are truly blog soul mates–I’m not into Buffy either! And I’ve upset so many people with that tidbit, but I give zero fucks.
    You have to report back with all of your fab Comic Con news! I would love to attend one, but terror of large groups of people has won out so far. I feel it would probably be better if I were in a costume where I could pretty much hide and not talk to anyone, like a…Teletubby? If you get a group of 4 together for the next one, please be Teletubbies.
    I’m so glad you have someone who is pumped about your b-day. I’m pretty excited about it too. 🙂 May the month of your birth be much more spectacular than the month prior!


    1. OMG really?! I’m hard pressed always to find a kindred non-Buffy lover, I think you’re the only person to have ever agreed with me! I love you 1,000,000 times more now.

      I’m also not a fan of massive crowds but I think the people watching opportunities are going to be so spectacular that I’m hoping I’ll be distracted from any unease.

      I can’t promise to be a Teletubby, those fuckers still freak me the hell out, always have.

      Wooo birthday! I’ve already bought myself loads of gifts. It is my month after all. Love you girl xoxo

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  2. Buffy is too cheesy even for me!!! Yeah, internet, I said it. Come at me. I feel we can take them.
    Ha, I think the laughing baby sun is way creepier than the Teletubbies, but fair enough.
    I’m sure there will be people watching opportunities aplenty and hopefully no Teletubbies.

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      1. Idk, I have a weird fascination with them. I like how much power you have when other people can’t see your face. Also it’s a throwback to my younger days as a costumed reindeer. 😉
        But yes, they are creepy as fuck.


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