Day 5: Favourite New Blogs


Day 5 and I thought I’d treat you to some of the new blogs (and a few old trusties) that I’ve been reading when I should be working.

First up, how’s your week been? Mine’s been up and down, but I’m here ready to embrace the weekend like a beloved old friend.

Feeling Christmassy yet? I think I might be, but until I’ve seen Love Actually, the jury is still out.

Anywhoo, I’m ready to share. You’re welcome!

Screenqueens – this blog is aces because it talks about feminism within film (and more) and tends to focus on exactly the kind of movies I enjoy. Recent posts include a closer look at Beautiful Creatures (2000), drug addiction and a film noir favourite. Run by a large staff of writers and art contributors from both sides of the Atlantic, I really recommend this if you’re into smart writing.

Fannie Frankfurter – I’m desperate to hang out with this woman. We share a common interest in graveyards but I also enjoy the candid style in which Fannie writes. I also enjoy her interest in the occult, intriguing architecture and recapping each week in ‘neatly organised sections’. My kind of woman.

746 Books – Confessions of a Book Buying Addict. Yep, that’s me too – I just can’t stop, especially Thrillers (too many thrillers!). Cathy named her blog because she has 746 unread books in her possession (maybe more) and has calculated that, at the rate she reads, it will take her about 20 years to finish them all. Now I’ve never counted my unreads (but now might) and I love the idea behind this blog. The challenge is not to buy another book until every one of these 746 has been completed. Cathy is also lovely and I love the reviews themselves! Might have a break and go read now…

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys) – I’ve name-checked these Australian film dudes before but no matter, I love their work so it bears repeating. A mixture of reviews and opinion pieces, this blog focuses on new films as they’re released but also classics from a simpler time (Saving Private Ryan, anyone?). Sure, it would be impossible to agree on every film but Jordan and Eddie always make me feel excited about films I haven’t seen yet with their non-nonsense style. The blog also looks great. So, the question is, as the boys ask: Can the Force Awakens really live up to the hype?

Cattitude & Co. – This is a relatively new find but a great one. I was recently tagged by a friend in a Tweet where Tara appealed for contributors for her Feminist Film Club and I followed from there. I love the concept obviously and also love the film choices, including one of my neo-favourites, American Mary. There’s also a Feminist Book Club. The blog is clever, pretty to look at with lovely illustration and I expect to be a long term reader. Check it oooout.

Plus of course, I can’t talk about my favourite blogs without mentioning The Holy Trinity, can I?

Check them out here:

Camelia Ophelia – My work boo, real friend and inspiration. Check out Tatty’s recent trip to the British Fashion Awards for a pure injection of fabulousness, stay for regular outfit posts that don’t alienate you, or your bank account. ❤

A Stitch to Scratch – I can imagine a Christmas round Hayley Margaret’s, I bet it’s the cosiest, pretty environment ever, like Kirsty Allsop’s Homemade Christmas but not as annoying (my husband totally fancies Kirsty, I think she’s okay, I guess).  HM is the loveliest as well, another dream hang out. ❤

And last and by no means least, my radiant Blog Wife:

The Pink Panther Snipes Again – I’m obvs entirely biased here but I love Jillian‘s blog because it’s a) snarky and b) about films. You might notice a theme in this post, I just love the movies what can I say? Now, apart from Jill being a girl straight after my own heart, she’s also inspired me this year to step outside my comfort zone and explore film in my own style. That’s the beauty of humanity I think, taking natural cues from people who challenge and excite you. Our Film Collab has honestly been one of my 2015 highlights, so thanks for that Wifey. ❤

So these are my top recommendations. I hope you take the time to check them out and enjoy them for yourselves.

Which Blogs do you love and why? Always taking recommendations.

10 thoughts on “Day 5: Favourite New Blogs

  1. Aww yay! Thank you love! This makes me so happy!I hope my Christmassy place does your imagination justice!
    (Also I have always wanted to be Kirsty Allsop when I grew up, you have no idea how high this complement sits with me – made my week already! –)
    Thanks for the new blogs to look at! All the love back at you! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I accuse her of being annoying but only because I’m jealous l. Glynn fancies her so much! I just watched an episode and this woman had made a gingerbread lighthouse. A GINGERBREAD LIGHTHOUSE, HM! I got a lump in my throat. I love all she does and all you do, and I hope you and your boy do have a very merry cosy Christmas in your new home! Lots of love to you too xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my! Is that in the episode that was on tonight? I’ve got it queued up on demand to settle down and watch in bed. I’ll look forward to the lighthouse! Sounds amaze! (I’ll have to try it one day…)
        Thank you chick, I hope you guys have a lovely one too! xxx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Girl, you’re the greatest!
    I have been shit at keeping up with the blogosphere lately, but this post makes my life.
    The Film Collab is beautiful and I’m so glad it and you are part of my life.


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