Day 10: Give No Fucks

All the cool girls have finger tats (me)
Day 10: All the cool girls have finger tats (me)

I like the concept of giving no fucks, though I’m definitely a girl who gives too many.

I care what people think of me and I don’t know why, honestly. I mean, not strangers or random people in the gym/street/cafe. They can think what they like, it’s of no consequence to me but I do care about the people I know and love.

Have I said the wrong thing/been annoying/taken advantage/talked over someone/been too self-obsessed? Usually none of these things but still there I go worrying.

I would like to be more of a badass in this respect and give in to a Zero Fucks policy. And maybe I will but I think it’s okay to care a little bit. If I were to mimic this tattoo, mine would say “Give some fucks”.

Maybe, “Pick your fucks” because not all fights are worthwhile fights, and the same goes for fucks, I would say.

I’m just enjoying typing the work “Fuck” over and over.

Did you know that in my dreams I am often an avid smoker? My subconscious thinks it looks cool. My subconscious is very shallow.

Fuck fuck fuck.

(Sorry Mum).

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