This year I’m doing goals rather than resolutions because let’s face it, those are just made to be broken. Why set yourself up for a fall before you’ve even begun?

God knows what the Hell I was waffling on about when I posted last year’s but they’re here if you’d like to see for yourself (Top Tip: Don’t bother).

So, my goals and things I would like to achieve in 2016:

  • Travel – don’t care where but preferably, finally, NYC
  • New job – it’s about time I started thinking about what I can do and using that, rather than just making do. Sad, but true
  • Coding course – I really want to learn more about web building, etc and I’ve found a great course. I just need to find the funds now! (See Shopaholism, below)
  • Continue to be active – I love what the gym has done for my peace of mind and stress levels so I would like to keep it up
  • Say ‘No’ more – I have to stop making plans with people I’m just not that into. I do it to avoid being mean and then end up sitting through boring evenings with people I’d like to punch really hard in their patronising/self-absorbed/smug faces (and breath)
  • Pay off my debts – boring sensible goal but one that hopefully will be within my grasp this year
  • Crack my Shopaholism – I’m not going to stop shopping because that is ridiculous when it brings me so much joy but I do need to curb it, and try only to buy quality, or pieces I really can’t live without
  • Get more tattoos – finish my arm, retouch some old stuff and be a happy tattooed babe
  • Do something with my writing/do some actual writing – because a portfolio doesn’t just build itself

That’s me this year. How about you?

What are your goals for the new year, if any?

8 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Woaw, you’re early! Or am I late?
    I can see at least 5 goals that would be on my own list, so maybe I should follow your blog more closely next year!
    They all seem achievable, although that “New job” thing can be tricky.
    One question, though: why pay for a coding course when you can find so many great resources and helpful communities for free? I’m not saying you shouldn’t, just wondering what your reasons are 🙂


    1. I have been told this by several more savvy friends, I guess because I don’t know much about it and I’m a little old school I hadn’t even thought to go digging out there on the internet. I might have to slightly amend the goal! Thank you. And, I’m early, don’t worry 😀 x


      1. You’re welcome. Do you know precisely what you would like to learn? I suppose you would start with HTML/CSS but you may be looking for something more advanced like PHP.


      2. I’m definitely looking to start at the beginning so you’re right that it would probably be HTML/CSS to start. My friend recommended Code Academy, which he used himself. He’s given me similar advice to you to be honest, which I think is great as long as I can stay self-motivated!


  2. I love a lot of these! (That new job one is a biggie for me next year for sure!). I’ve been considering doing an intro to HTML/CSS on coursera.com. Might not be what you’re looking for but thought I’d share just in case!
    I hope you get to go to NYC! I’d be super jealous! 🙂 xx


  3. Dude, you would LOVE NYC.
    I’ve been wanting to make it to the Museum of the Moving Image forever…but obv there are 1,000,000 other things you could do for FREE.
    I hope you make it this year, but NYC will still be there the next year, and the year after.
    Urgh, also need to say “no” way more. Except when it comes to NYC. Yes to NYC.


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