#weekendcoffeeshare III

tumblr_nu2dzbSIrK1uyl8cpo1_500I decided this week to take a break from the gym so my tattooed rib can heal. This, of course, is just an excuse on my part not to work out, not that I really ever need one.

I know that I suffer when I don’t push myself so next week I’ll be re-focusing on my physical activity. 4-5 times a week makes me feel so much stronger, and mainly in the mental sense.

The last few weeks have also seen a dip in my sweat quota and I’ve used work stress as my justification for that.

Ironic when you consider that I’d probably have been way less wired if my body and mind had been tired out. Sleeping would have been a piece of cake too.

Anyway, I’ve just read Shivani’s post about her fitness journey on Cloud in a Teacup and found it rather inspiring. While my own flirtation (looking for a permanent arrangement) with self care is slightly different, the end result is the same: we’re both looking for change.

I’m not doing this so much for weight loss. I think nurturing my attitude towards my body at the size it is is far more important than counting calories and saying no to cake. I’m an almost 40-year-old woman FFS, if I’m not who I really am now, then what the heck is going on?

But, while I’m mostly happy with my Size 18 frame, I am not down with lethargy and believe me on a weekend all I want to do is be lying horizontal whilst mainlining television. I will still do this but I think having a small level of fitness under my XL belt can only be a good thing.

I don’t know why I’m talking about my body so much over Weekend Coffee but there it is. From tomorrow I will be lacing on those disco ball Adidas and climbing onto the cross trainer with Faithless in my ears – and I will smash it.

I’ll also be settling myself into more of a routine when in comes to these sessions. I tend to get towards the middle/end of the week without having graced the hallowed gym with my presence and then having to cram all my visits into the end of the week, which is never fun.

Reading back this post, I’m actually looking forward to moving this arse again.

And now at least I have a hot tattoo to show off in the locker room afterwards, eh? ❤

12 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare III

  1. Thanks for linking to my post lovely lady 🙂 I know what you mean… I think making that decision to adopt some changes is often the hardest step. You always look fab! For me it all started with how I felt, something just clicked. Always enjoy reading your posts x

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    1. Shivani! I still need to comment on your post properly! I can’t believe I got sidetracked from reading your blog, that won’t happen again. So do you always look amazing but I really love that you’re feeling yourself. That feeling is priceless! Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your journey and for your lovely comments. I’m feeling pumped now! Lots of love xoxo

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  2. I would so be your workout buddy if I could. I’ll be there in spirit, making snide comments about the really fit people that we don’t let get under our skin.

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