Who Run The World?


Have I said lately how much I love women? I mean, of course I do, I am one and some of my favourite people on this planet are female. Like, very favourite people; my mother, my blog sisters, Dolly Parton.

But it’s more than simply liking them. Ever since the Spice Girls high kicked their way into our subconsciousness, we’ve all been aware of a thing called Girl Power. It might have been coated in saccharine and shouted at inopportune moments but the sentiment was watertight: we’re in this together so let’s stick together *peace sign*.

I remember where I was the first time I heard Wannabe (a blustery bar in Eastbourne, could have been a school night) and I remember thinking: this is excellent. Maybe it took me several years to compute what Girl Power was actually about but I was 17 godammit and I still had some growing to do.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can be bitchy when I want to be. I’ve said mean things, had unkind thoughts and been Judge Judy on more than one occasion. However, life’s just better when you look on the women you encounter as team mates.

Why not big each other up, cheer each other on and have fun with the only people who actually understand the pressures of having a vagina and also, all the challenges that go with being a woman?

The Original G(P)
I know having female friends is nothing new but I feel as though I’ve seen a real upturn in the way woman communicate and support one another, certainly via social media (which is better that IRL, innit?) (Kidding).

Take Twitter for instance. It’s full of lionesses fighting ferociously to defend not only their own rights, but the rights of their fellow females. Not just in a feminist capacity (although I feel most things stem from a feminist standpoint these days) but in general. Women are sticking up for themselves against so much; beauty standards, Fatism, Rascism, mansplaining and you can be damn sure they’re also sticking up for their friends. It’s actually the best ever thing to follow, and be part of.

Meanwhile, accounts such as Femsplain and #thegirlganghq actively encourage interaction between their followers, egging them on to better someone’s bad day, get involved in feminist book/film clubs and just generally spread the GP as far as the eye can see.

I’m here for that always, it makes the internet such a nice place and could be considered the antidote to the internet troll, who’s only function is to spread misery and the less said about that the better.

Ginger 4 Eva
I guess what I’m trying to say with this post is love your sisters. Try and let competitiveness go. You know that girl that glares at you every morning on the way to work? (YUP). Smile at her next time, spread some of your joy. Maybe it will work and she’ll return it, maybe she won’t – but if it’s the latter then that’s her issue.

Tell your girls how much they mean to you. Compliment cool outfits when you see them, on colleagues, on friends – on a stranger in Aldi. It’s almost always going to make her day, trust me on that. Life is tough, make it easier on yourself – and the women around you.

Love you all ❤


17 thoughts on “Who Run The World?

  1. Yaaaaay!! The stereotype that women are bitchy feels so outdated when I see ventures like the Girl Gang- in fact maybe the stereotype encourages/makes it acceptable for women to be bitchy? Maybe we think OH SHE’S DOING IT SO I MIGHT AS WELL TOO. Love girl power posts like this though, they remind me of how we should treat each other (and I’m a sucker for the 🦄 emoji) xxx

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    1. Jess thank you! I agree. It’s very easy to get carried away on a wave of bitchiness, I have to stop myself sometimes and remember that it helps nobody. This philosophy is so much better for the soul! Thanks for your lovely comment, I love love love your blog! 👯👯👯 xo

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      1. (I don’t normally comment on replies because it gets to that awkward WHEN DO WE STOP SPEAKING PHASE but that was such a blady lovely thing to end on❤️❤️ GIRL POWA – except now you’ve gone and smudged my mascara with the tears u bitch jk jk jk LOTS O LOVE 👭)

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  2. Agreed! Women are notorious for tearing each other down and petty drama. Glad there are places and people who encourage the opposite. Inspire and challenge each other. Build others up! Great post. Also – hells YES love me some Spice Girls!

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