2 Today

Well, technically yesterday (we bought ourselves a day in Feb this year, innit?) but there were way more important things to blog about obviously.

Now I have more time to celebrate, I bought myself a Red Velvet cupcake to inhale while I type this. Cake is always the best way to honour any anniversary, naturally. Last year I did quite the fantasy post but I don’t know if I have the mental capacity this evening to replicate it (hectic day). I’ll do my best.

To start, a few of my favorite posts over the last year:

Just a wee flavour of how things go down around here (if you’re new and have just inexplicably stumbled onto this very post – WELCOME!).

For the purposes of this post I figured I’d set myself a few blogging goals:

  • Schedule more posts – So that we don’t have a situation like this one, where absolutely nothing has been thought through… JK! Goofing aside, it’s a very nice feeling to know you’re on top of your ramblings and utilising your time like a motherfucking BOSS
  • Take better pictures – This Guy (me) has a new iPad and the camera is about 7568% better that the one on my scabby old phone so expect to be wowed by future imagery
  • Get better at commenting – I’ve been working on this but could always be better

And finally, if my mystery benefactor just happens to pass by and wants to gift me, I’ll take everything on the Skinnydip London website please. Like, absolutely everything.

To every single person who takes the time to read and comment, thank you. It means the world, it really does. The last year of blogging has been great, I’ve met amazing people, discovered some really great blogs and I can’t wait to put in more time around here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I’ve got a date with the rest of this cake ❤

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