Couchella 2016

Yesterday, on my day off, I nearly bought a pair of Coachella endorsed sunglasses in H&M, simply because they had tiny little cats ears on them (I might go back, don’t judge).

I quickly came to my senses (again, might lose them again, my prerogative) when I realised they were pretty pricey for what they are and it was just the ‘name’ seducing me.

Coachella. Everyone knows that this is where the pretty people go to be seen, to wear fringing and sit on grass with big cups. There’s also a big ferris wheel and some music (I think).

The closest I have ever been to Coachella myself is those sunglasses and I can’t imagine this will be changing any time soon. I’ve actually never been to a festival and I can’t work out if this is because I just haven’t lived or because it really isn’t my scene at all. Hard floors and too much sunlight? Ugh.

But if a festival ever looked like it might be my scene I think it would be Coachella, not least because I’d be too busy staring at all the bohemian beauty around me. I should imagine most festivals are people-watching Heaven and that might be enough to get me over my prejudice and actually go to one (a small one).

As I say a lot, this isn’t a fashion blog, I leave that to the experts but it doesn’t mean I don’t love it and the best outfits of Coachella season are always a highlight of the fashion calendar for me – alongside The Academy Awards, The Met Ball and London Fashion Week (ooh get me).

So here are my favourites from 2016 so far:

PicMonkey Collage
Those jewel colours, though! (Both those dresses are EVERYTHING) – and Kendall rocking simple yet classic crochet
PicMonkey Collage2
I love each of these outfits for their simplicity, like these girls look like they just threw something on with no thought whatsoever *sigh*.

I also love the short hair on Lady number 3, it makes me want to have a very drastic cut (which I’m considering for the Summer).

PicMonkey Collage3
Flipping beautiful floral prints – especially when they’re rocked with sneakers ❤

I don’t know who any of these lovelies are, apart from the divine Miss Jenner, so they’ll have to forgive the lack of name checking. I have to say it’s the street style that stands out for me this year, rather than the celebrity spotting and that’s a great thing.

I want all these items in my size please! I’d also like to be outside in a park (in the shade) enjoying a light breeze right about now.

And thus concludes my thoughts on Coachella from my couch.

What do you think? ❤

9 thoughts on “Couchella 2016

  1. Couchella sounds fantastic. I’ve been to V festival once, and while I had a great time, it did include a lot of trekking, not being able to see anything, the whole campsite smelling like dry shampoo and horrible smelly toilets. I’d probably do it again though! Although I would have to up my fashion game, those floral dresses are lovely! Xx


    1. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me feel, HM! I really hope you love your new jumpsuit, they’re my favourite item and tbh everytime I slip into one I feel like a goddamn super hero! Let me know how you get on ❤


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