Happy Birthday Wifey

27111_1228747645578_140719_nAs if I could let this weekend go by without wishing my blog wife Jill, of the awesome blog The Pink Panther Snips Again a very happy birthday (for yesterday).

This weekend has been really lovely for me celebrating my anniversary, and it’s even better to know a day of special significance to me is also a special Jill Day too.

What can I say about our amazing birthday girl? I feel so thankful that we’ve become good friends through our blogs. Our weekly collab keeps me focused on writing, even when it’s a review of a really disappointing movie (Monkey’s Paw), or I don’t feel like it.

(Incidentally, I’ve just found Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre (2015) starring Traci Fucking Lords so that must go on the list!)

It’s more than that though and I feel very lucky to be getting the opportunity to meet Jill in the flesh in less that a month! So, to you Jill, I say:

Thank you for coming into my life. I’m looking forward to buying you a birthday dinner and maybe even a cocktail or two next month!

Happy birthday, gurl! ❤

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Wifey

  1. Thanks, girl! Our blog marriage was clearly meant to be!
    Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre sounds like the bad movie I never knew I needed. Hell yes.
    I’m so relieved that you also have moments of not wanting to do the Collab, even though I fucking love it. Sometimes the laziness just wants to prevail, but I’m glad it keeps me blogging. Ha ha, Monkey’s Paw was the worst. THE worst.

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