Babies and Baptisms*

Me at christenings

I’ll be heading home for a couple of child-based events this weekend (I know but they’re family/BFF children so it’s acceptable) so I just wanted to check in before my next film review (coming Tuesday).

On Sunday I’m going to see my best friend from my college days and I can’t bloody wait. She was my #1 partner in crime and we have so many horrifying stories together it will be lovely to reminisce and have a laugh about it all again. Her daughter is my god-daughter and she’s just turned 19. (19! A GROWN WOMAN).

Besides the fun element though, I’ll be seeing a lot of people I haven’t seen for a long time and I don’t know if you all know this about me but I am the most anti-social person on the block. Social engagements bring me out in a cold sweat and even though you probably can’t tell when you look at me, I’m usually crapping myself inside.

Does anybody else reading suffer such crippling anxiety before an engagement? I worry about everything, about they’ll think of me, what I’m wearing, what I say, whether I’ll sweat in the heat, look ugly, etc? ARGH so stressful.

And there’s nothing worse than being in the same room as people you knew from school (who you never liked/never liked you) or family members who’ve always told you you’d be gorgeous if only you’d lose weight.


So I’m trying to stop myself from spiraling downwards with self-doubt by just not thinking about it. I’ll be wearing flat shoes (bliss) and my power jumpsuit, rocking new hair so what could possibly go wrong? I’ll also have my mother by my side at both dos and dates don’t get much better than that.

Going to smash this weekend like a boss *bicep emoji*.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in. I’ll be more prolific in the next few weeks, I have lots on my mind, I promise.

Happy Weekend, all ❤

*Christening/holy communion, not baptism but alliteration, yo.

2 thoughts on “Babies and Baptisms*

  1. I know you crushed it at the baptisms and looked damn good doing it.
    I HATE events like that and definitely get majorly anxious about them. I have TWO weddings to attend this summer, which isn’t even that bad but I’m still dreading them even though both are old friends. Ugh, can’t there just be a day-long Netflix binge instead?

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