Preach it, Dumbledore!

A big day in the UK today and one I feel quite sick about. For anyone reading outside the UK who doesn’t keep up with our politics, we’re voting on the EU Referendum – whether to leave or remain in the European Union.

I cast my vote early this morning and I’ll admit to feeling quite overwhelmed by the whole thing (and I was all on my lonesome too, what a big brave girl). It’s such a massive decision to make about something that honestly, nobody really seems 100% about. I have a view and have voted accordingly but who can say that it’s the right way?

Who can be sure that we’re not doomed if we stay in the EU? Is breaking off to be on our own the beginning of the end or is Boris right? Only time will tell now, which way the vote will go for a start and then what will happen to this country. It’s terrifying and all I really know is that all the hatred and the sniping has got to stop.

Sure this has opened my eyes to a lot of attitudes I’m surprised by but I’m done with people bitching at each other and threatening to stop being friends on social media (the ultimate dis) for not voting the way people want them to. I can barely make this decision myself, how can I tell someone else who to vote for?

I know this post is incredibly diplomatic but I’m just tired of all the hate talk. I’ve voted remain and strongly believe we should stay, that we’re stronger in the EU and should help others where we can. I know it’s not perfect and that there’s lots of work to do to make things better but I have an innate hope that we can do that.

I can’t get behind a campaign backed so strongly by Nigel Farage either, I’m sorry. And I know that Brexit supporters are getting a bad rap for being racists, which not all of them can be but it’s true that most racists are going to vote leave. I’m not here for that.

I’m not going to say everything is shit and I don’t care anymore. I will never do that. I love the country I live in, I love the fact I can work and travel around Europe as much as I like. I love that (if things remain) I could legitimately retire to a houseboat in Amsterdam and live out the rest of my life skipping around the canals in clogs.

All I can do now is keeping on hoping that remain wins the day. Results will be in tomorrow morning, so this time tomorrow afternoon we’ll know.

I think I might puke! ❤

5 thoughts on “Democracy

  1. That’s exactly how I feel! I can’t seem to explain myself very well because I’m so angry at how out of hand it’s all got. I’ve actually avoided members of my family because I don’t know how to have this discussion anymore. It’s got so silly on all sides. I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m going to bed early with a book and deleting social media off my phone. I’m done with it. Hopefully we as a country can soon forget the whole sorry saga!

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    1. Oh that’s a good idea. I might have a bath and then do the same, good call! I will check in in the morning but I really don’t want to hear any more about it until then. I haven’t engaged my family so I don’t even know which way they are voting but I think I know and it’s all good luckily. However, my timelines are rife with disagreement and I’ve had enough, it’s exhausting and divisive (but not in a good way). Stay happy Jesse, enjoy your evening your way! ❤

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    1. I hope they do I’m done! I’m taking Jesse’s advice and turning away from social media (well after I’ve typed this comment). It really is the biggest decision I feel I’ve ever been asked to make in my voting life, a risk either way. I’m really holding out hope that it goes okay in the end. It’s all we can do! Thanks for commenting and reading 🙌🏼😊


  2. I would vote stay, but obv not my call.
    The entire UK is getting a taste of what it’s like to live in a swing state. It is THE WORST. Glad it’s over if only because everyone deserves a break from nasty political debates (shouting).


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