The Game


“You are in the great game now and the great game is terrifying.” ~ Tyrion Lannister to Daernerys Targaryen

*** Spoilers are coming ***

Now Season 6 of Game of Thrones has finally rolled to a close, I can safely say: Omieffinggod!

There’s been a lot of talk about this season packing less of a punch than those previously but I don’t agree. I’ve been left feeling very satisfied indeed.

I’m going to talk about my personal highlights so please skip past if you’re not into *spoilers* or not up to date. Or if you’re not into Game of Thrones, really. Thankfully my blog wife Jill is now all caught up so we’ve already had a little to and fro Tuesday morning/Monday night about the finale – and now I’m just dying to watch it all over again.


So, to what I can remember of this amazing series and my own favourite bits (in loose chronological order): It’s going to be a long one!

tumblr_o7pkki2Iqe1uv80u9o2_250Tormund sees Brienne for the First Time 

Let’s start light shall we?

I live for That Look, the one lovely Tormund gave our warrior queen as she arrived at the Knight’s Watch with Sansa and Podrick. It was everything. Tormund looked like all his Christmases and birthdays had come at once (exactly how I imagine I would have looked if I’d actually got the Barbie Dreamhouse…).

So far Brienne doesn’t appear to share the love but I’m willing to invest my hopes in a slow burning courtship. I envisage B will save Tormund from something rather than the other way around because that’s just the way it works and I’m hoping he goes against his (and I’m assuming here) Wildling nature and takes his cue from her.

For now I’m keeping myself warm with the idea that Brienne is about to be worshipped like a goddamn goddess, and rightly so. Daenerys can’t have all the fun.


The Hound came back

I’ve already waxed lyrical on my favourite character and lucky me I got him back mid way through this series. I’m still excited about it and this is my stand out highlight hands down.

I’m stoked to see where The Hound goes and what he achieves next, whether he’ll meet Arya again (course he will) and whether he’ll serve bitter justice to his bro Robocop/Gregor (he better). Basically I’m there for it all, to the bitter end.

ILY, Hound.


Lovejoy was in it – for a bit! (For reference)

Septon Ray brought my baby back from the dead (see above) and for that I am eternally grateful. He also proved that he could pack quite the punch in a very short period of time (one episode). His brutal murder was the catalyst for getting Sandor back off his fine arse and on the warpath – angry Hound is something we most definitely need.

RIP Lovejoy, you beauty.


The Mountain shows some spine (not his)

Think yourself lucky I couldn’t find a still from the head ripping scene but let’s just say The Mountain was forced to make a point when Lancel Lannister and his merry gang of God botherers launched the first blow outside Cersei‘s room. That point was to rip off a head and bring a wiggly spine out with it.

When will these kids learn that The Mountain is a machine you can’t reason with and you cannot defeat? Oh how I despise everything The Mountain stands for but also, I just can’t quit him because he’s so fascinating. I better get my Cleganebowl after everything.

Here’s a picture of Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (who plays Gregor) with a puppy in the meantime:


Are you ready for a change in mood? Good because it’s time to address the biggest GoT loss of all time. Even more painful that Khal Drogo, worse than Ros. You’ve got it 😦


Hold the Goddamn Door, Hodor

We finally found out the meaning behind Hodor’s name and favourite phrase – and it was the most heart-breaking thing ever.

Sadly I got spoilered on this before I’d even seen the episode – DAMN YOU TWITTER! – so I naïvely thought I was prepared. I mean, I loved Hodor and everything but I didn’t love him like my husband loved him (which is a whole lot). So I thought, wow that’s sad but I’ll get over it.


Who knew dear Hodor held such responsibility in his giant hands? Who knew that there was legit reason for his terror ever time stormy times came knocking?

Via the power of Bran’s flashbacks (he’s the new three-eyed raven, yo) we met Hodor, or Wylis, as a young stable hand. It looked like we’d get more Hodor action as a result and man, did we! A little confusion, some bloody White Walkers summoned by Bran’s stupidity in one of the aforementioned flashbacks and Hodor had literally one job – to hold the door and save the world.

(Or rather, save Bran so he could go on and live his best life – and perhaps save the world later as a result).

It was tense, it was heroic and it was the saddest thing in the world. Poor gentle Hodor did his job fantastically, held that door like a motherfucking boss. Long live everyone’s favourite one word uttering sweetheart, you’ll be missed.


Lyanna Mormont is the hero GoT needs

Every scene featuring ten-year-old Lyanna Mormont (Head of House Mormont) is golden but her introductory scene was so satisfying.

Sansa, Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth arrived on Bear Island to drum up support for kicking Ramsay Bolton’s head in and got sassed out by a child and a female one at that.

Lyanna is no push-over and is fiercely proud, so at first was reluctant to help the Starks but Davos won her over with a rousing speech. I don’t think House Mormont’s support of the Starks was ever seriously in question but it doesn’t pay to give it away too quickly, right? Lyanna then personally visited the battle camp with her 62 men and although she didn’t go into battle with them, she is only ten. Give her time.

Of course she sassed again in the finale, calling out some of the houses for failing to answer the call to help the Starks, while Sansa looked on with a Girl Power! look on her face. This is one brilliant character to watch and dear God I hope she sticks around for future episodes.


You’re my Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun-der Wall

Wun Weg Wun Dar Wan (or Wun Wun) has performed brilliantly throughout the seasons, kicking White Walker butt and generally just being the Don of Everything. Sadly, the last of his species is no more and you can thank shit stain Bolton for that one.

It was incredibly sad the way Wun Wun went out but he went out with a bang and you can’t say fairer than that. Like someone on Facebook said after The Battle of the Bastards episode (see below):

“Some heroes hold the door, some smash right through it.”

RIP Wun Wun, you honey.


The Battle of the Bastards – but there’s no bigger bastard that Ramsay Bolton

The entire battle was so exciting that I had to watch it standing up. Game of Thrones is the only show that has ever had this effect on me and I love it for that.

I won’t rehash it here but it was so beautifully choreographed! Every slash, every head that rolled was coordinated in such a way that it looked like Swan Lake on acid. The production values were more awe-inspiring than most big screen offerings and the acting as always was top-notch. For me it was all about Wun-Wun and the beautiful Tormund, who fought honorably for Jon Snow even when things looked bleak as fuck.

I felt claustrophobic as Jon was almost crushed beneath his own men and I cheered when Sansa and Littlefinger rocked up at the very last moment. But then again who didn’t? And breathe…


Boom Boom Shake Shake the Sept

I watched the opening to episode 10 The Winds of Winter with my mouth gaping wide open, it was that good. Cersei is an absolute diva and frankly, I’m happy to have her back, especially since I expected her to die this season.

The whole set up; the killing of creepy motherfucker Maester Pycelle (genius), the children, the music, the eerie Kryptonite glow of the secret Wildfire stores, getting to see The Mountain’s new face finally and then BOOM! – it was all perfect.

I was sad to see both Margaery and Tommen go but this is GoT, you can’t expect zero casualties. The only think that really didn’t sit well with me was how Cersei left Septon Unella alone with The Mountain. I mean come on, there’s evil but leaving her alone with a sadistic rapist is abhorrent. I though Cersei would at least have the decency (and desire) to end her one on one.


Who Let The Dogs Out?

You live by the pup, you die by the pup Ramsay, you dick.

BAH-BYE now.


Queen of the South

Aw yeah! Is it wrong that I’m more excited about Queen Cersei than I am Daenerys? Shit’s gonna go DOWN.


I have to end this post somewhere but believe me when I say I could go on about this show forever. Stand out characters in addition to The Hound and Lyanna for me are, the wonderful Yara Greyjoy and Maester Qyburn who I find so wonderfully insidious.

I also love how overtly female this season has been with a lot of very women making empowering moves in their own ways, even if I don’t agree with them all. I’m so interested to see how it all unravels in the next two series.

If you’re a massive Game of Thrones dork and have enjoyed this post, why don’t you share your favourite moments with me? Let’s talk ❤

All reference links via Game of Thrones wiki, which is a brilliant resource. Check it out.

4 thoughts on “The Game

  1. People are crazy because I thought this season was a breath of fresh air, esp. as I wasn’t the biggest fan of season 5 TBH (not going to lie, lack of Brienne screen time was a major factor for me, plus Jon Snow was EVERYWHERE).
    YES to Brienne/Tormund even though it can only end in tears. I love every time Brienne rolls her eyes. I feel that, girl. In my soul.
    The Hodor scene was deeply upsetting, and also confusing as fuck. Bran is…a time traveler? Or something…? WHAT.
    A thousand times yes to Lyanna/Yara/Cersei as well. You just KNOW Cersei is going to die so horribly, but I’m excited about all the shit she’s going to bring crashing down with her. To a level that makes me concerned I may end up as a complete sociopath.
    Loved the citadel library scene in the finale of course! Ugh, so, so pretty. I really related to how disaffected that librarian was to approximately the same degree that Sam annoys the fuck out of me. I TRIED to like him, okay??? He just cares SO much when people don’t like him to the extent that I want to shake him and scream, “THIS is the reason no one likes you!”
    GOD, this show is making me a monster.

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  2. P.S. I also loved that scene with Varys and Tyrion where the lady in Meereen (spelling/IDK if that’s even the correct city) thought Tyrion wanted to eat her baby.
    Everything about that scene was so typical Tyrion, wasn’t it?

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