Girl, Bye.


You know what true power is?

Cutting things out of your life that hurt or anger you. No argument, no “Fuck you”, just a “Girl, bye” under your breath and you’re off. I’m currently angry and bewildered by a particular incident that happened on that wonderful barometer of how shit people can be: the internet. Specifically, Facebook.

Someone I know recently posted a status update about ‘promoting plus-size’ (and how wrong it is), and even though I should never be surprised by the general lack of sympathy toward fat people, I did expect better from this individual.

Sadly (not really), she’s no longer going to be part of my life, on any platform or in the flesh (in my case, substantially more flesh). I don’t conform to who she wants me to be nor deserve any sort of respect based on what she’s saying apparently, so I’m stepping out.

I know, I know that us fats are all just asking for trouble being the way we are. We’re all going to die horribly because we wear bigger dress sizes. We certainly don’t live active lives, how can we? We all eat shit, swerve veggies and more or less just mainline Digestives on the sofa in front of the TV day in day out. You got me.

We don’t deserve to dress nicely or enjoy fashion or beauty, life or love. We don’t deserve basic respect either while we’re here. A sweeping statement on Facebook with a Daily Mail supporting link is definitely the way to go to reach people if that’s really what you want to do. And if people are alienated, feel personally let down by your attitude, all the better right? They deserve it, the pigs.

People do not respond well to being bullied. Being hateful (even in the form of faux-health concern) will not help. If anything it will make people far less likely to make the best choices for themselves. It will make them feel like shit. It will stop them living their best lives.

How dare this person promote a love yourself mentality and then screw over all the overweight people on her friends list? Oh wait, maybe she doesn’t have any overweight friends? (She doesn’t now). She is blonde, slim and beautiful after all, and it seems not tolerant of anyone who doesn’t fit a similar ideal?

I haven’t spoken to her about this and I won’t. I’m not interested in a debate. I don’t care what she thinks or says. Chances are that she thinks she’s being helpful and that her arrogant ‘motivation’ comes from a good place. I really don’t care.

Girl, bye.

You can bet I’m exercising this mentality in all areas of my life. Brexit was a good way to measure people’s true selves and unfortunately, a handful of people fell short of what I want in my life.

There are doubtless things I say and do that alienate me from people that I don’t even register and that’s their right too. Life’s too short for bullshit and I’m done.

Click, click – over it.

5 thoughts on “Girl, Bye.

  1. A-fucking-men. I am just appalled by supposed friends who suddenly reveal something horrid about themselves and then attempt to convince the populace that it’s a “good thing,” followed by some sort of article that acts as a snide Greek chorus to whatever crap it is they’re attempting to sell. Facebook reveals are the worst. It could be anything from fat-bullying propaganda (I refuse to call it “shaming” when it’s goddamn passive-aggressive bullying) to political batshittery. You did the right thing in your Girl, Bye. Toxic friends make for ill days.

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  2. That’s so disappointing, but it can feel so great to just not let other people make their shit your problem.
    Ha, on a (slightly?) related note, I posted my Brighton Rock review on Goodreads and got some random guy go off on an anti-PC rant. And I don’t really remember my review even touching on the subject, so it felt very much like he wanted to start something/feel important. I was this close to responding and then thought, “I really like that this is his problem, not mine.”
    I bow down to you, master of picking your fucks.


  3. Absolutely all of this. Cut all of that negativity out. It’s a shame that you’ve had to remove her, but good on you for not even getting into it, just getting rid. Life’s too short for bullshit and I’m done is perfect. New mantra, right up there with picking your fucks. You have the most inspiring attitude towards bullshittery. ❤ xx


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