Adult World (Film) Review

adultworlddvdboxNo preamble this time. You know this month’s theme, though it looks like it’s heading into ‘Unintentional Cusack Sibling’ territory, which isn’t such a bad thing.

*Spoilers ahead*

Adult World (2013)

Director: Scott Coffey
Stars: Emma Roberts, John Cusack, Evan Peters

IMDB Synopsis: Amy, a naive college graduate who believes she’s destined to be a great poet, begrudgingly accepts a job at a sex shop while she pursues a mentorship with reclusive writer Rat Billings.

My Review:

Being an adult is hard, especially when everyone you love keeps telling you you have to start acting like one. This is exactly the kind of bullshit Amy is up against.

Why won’t everybody just let her live?

Thing is, nothing in this world is free, not even dreams, so wannabe poet laureate Amy is forced to find a job. Seems only the local sex shop is hiring, and girl, let me tell you I’ve been there. It’s not all bad though, as she gets to work with Evan Peters and be judgmental about the objectification of women in the movies they sell. Sweet.

No clever caption for this I’m afraid

Alice is a bit of a whiner, so convinced of her own brilliance that she forces herself on reluctant, and formerly brilliant poet Rat Billings, who she’s basically obsessed with. He’s a dickhead past his prime to everybody but Amy, yet she is adamant she wants to be his protegé. That she gets almost nothing from him does not deter her, sadly.

Meanwhile, Amy makes friends with the fucking fabulous Rubia (Armando Riesco), and the old couple who own the cunningly named sex shop, Adult World. Her new bohemian family. Which works out pretty well for a would-be poet yet Amy’s still not content. Every piece of writing she submits to every single place she can think of comes back rejected.

To be helpful, Alex (Peters) suggests Amy submit some erotica to one of the top shelf magazines. Amy isn’t into this idea at first, not least because she’s a secret virgin herself. On a whim however, and under the influence of Jack Daniels, one evening she sends something off and promptly forgets about it. Somewhere along the line there’s a conversation about faking certain situations in writing which inspires her.

How can any human resist the diamante bow tie?

Meanwhile, Rat is still playing hard to get and not giving Amy adequate feedback on her poems. Even when she drunkenly propositions him. Still, she is delighted when he offers to include one of her pieces in an anthology of new poets he’s currently working on.

You’re going to find this review a little light on the ground, and that’s because so is the plot around here. Amy whines, Rat lives up to his name and treats Amy to a life lesson and we all go home, basically. There’s a little light romance, which steps up its game after Amy and Alex row, and Amy finds out Alex is secretly a talented painter, and not just a sex-shop loser. She might also finally let go of her cherry.

She really, really hated men with acoustic guitars


Will Amy fulfill her poetic destiny or does the universe have other ideas for her? Will Alex and Amy find common ground in love? Will anything come of Amy’s writing dreams?

Will you honestly care about anything other than the scenes featuring Rubia?

Plath should of written porn

My Thoughts:

Quite dull really. Makes light of suicide in the beginning which kind of bugged me but also lent itself to Amy’s character (AKA irritating). Emma Roberts is perfectly adequate in the role, semi-amusing a couple of times but doesn’t invoke much sympathy. I hated John Cusack too, sorry.

This could have been really great but was missing something, whatever that was. Maybe a stronger more relateable central protagonist. Perhaps I’m finally out of touch with ungrateful 22-year-olds wasting their talents?

I guess what I did like was the moral of the story: dreams are great to have, but sometimes you have to adapt them, just a little.

My Rating: 2.5/5. Meh. Instantly forgettable.

What did Jill think of Adult World? Was it her Plath or would she happily confine it to the bin? Find out here, obvs.

7 thoughts on “Adult World (Film) Review

  1. Okay, is it really possible to kill yourself with a plastic bag only? That drove me nuts since not only did it undermine the seriousness of suicide, but she didn’t do any research whatsoever. Is that terrible? I just…I really think you’d need to have something else too for that to be successful.
    Ha, I felt like I seriously was Amy several years ago, so I enjoyed this one more. And I couldn’t help like the character of Rat even though he was such a jackass. Damn it, Cusack siblings, I will love you in everything.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I do remember being that angsty and I’m sure I’m prone to it now from time to time but she did my nut in. In the end I would have slapped her face. Glad she had Rubia to knock her down a peg or two.

    Yuck, Cusack did not do it for me here. So smug. I can’t abide smug and superior. So funny that you identify with Amy so much, she was mostly okay just that in the end she tries patience and wore out my sympathy.

    Also, I agree, research your fucking suicide love at the very least! x

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