Sunday’s my fun day so I don’t get up until gone 9. There’s no fancy breakfast this morning but Glynn still makes the tea. He stays in bed and I go to the front room to watch Made in Chelsea and then, while he’s at the gym, I watch Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. It’s not as bad as I’d expected to be honest, the funniest line is when Lola sees Gwendoline Christie at a fashion show and whispers “Brianne of Tarth!” as she glides by. I get a bit tired of the fat jokes at Edina’s expense, especially when she’s not remotely fat. Is that the joke? I think that’s part of the joke (or a comment on the beauty industry on the whole).

Beau comes out of his room once and declines my offer to watch the film together, not that I’m serious. He’s in no way sartorially interested so goes back to his room. I eat toast and fruit and sup tea. I paint my nails red and gold. Glynn comes back with the groceries for the day, it’s stormy outside with weather warnings. My excuse not to leave the flat at all. I knock up a pasta packet and add tuna. I go back to bed and watch The Book of Life in bed. The colours and romance of the story fill my heart with joy. Glynn comes in and out to annoy me, in between cleaning the kitchen.

Glynn walks Beau home at around 2.30pm. I watch some more of a show called Maron about a self-involved comedian pod-caster (Marc Maron) who gets good guests on, and also gets into comical situations. I like it but he sleeps with a beautiful woman in nearly every episode, sometimes two and it just smacks of wish fulfillment. Would I do the same if I had my own show and was single? Probably. I’d at least have a hot dude begging me to pay him attention at all times, which of course I would not.

I then settle down to watching our Blog Collab film of the week, Appropriate Behaviour (spelt ‘behavior’ in America). It’s about an Iranian woman coming to terms with her bisexuality whilst living in painfully hip Brooklyn. It has shades of Girls about it (a comparison impossible to avoid within this sub genre, I suppose), which is probably why I like it, though the main character, Shirin, is infinitely more likable than Hannah Horvath. I enjoy the film, which I will review on Monday. Monday will be a two post day I already know as I have this to post too! All this time I have still been in bed in my pyjamas. I am a very lazy person when left to my own devices which doesn’t need pointing out here but still.

I move back into the lounge and watch more Maron. Glynn and I chop up some veg and I prepare the chicken for dinner. We’re doing a ‘healthy’ roast. I time it okay and in between turning the chicken and redistributing the roasted veg I watch the show. It gets a bit much after the second episode in a row, but one features Danny Trejo, who I love more than life. I get very grouchy in the kitchen because of the heat and juggling pans, I really am best left on my own in there until it passes.

Dinner’s ready just before 8pm, we decide to watch an episode of Luke Cage as we eat. There’s a stand-off in the club between Cage and Diamondback – it’s very tense. I’m half watching after dinner as I type up Saturday‘s entry and start a post I’ll schedule for Tuesday, it’s about books I’ll be reading over Winter. I read Meghan’s diary entries for the last two days. Glynn gushes about how fit Rosario Dawson is. I do not disagree, she’s gorgeous.

After Luke Cage we move on to Humans on Channel 4. I’m finding it a bit boring but I have other things to occupy me. I predict the fate of a character but it doesn’t happen in this episode (you mark my words!). At 10pm we head to bed where we read for an hour. I go on Twitter before bed which is a mistake as I don’t put my head down until 11.40pm. I always do this on a Sunday night as I’m anxiously trying to avoid Monday coming round too soon.

Week done. It’s been a mixed bag. ❤

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