Level Up


I’ve decided to do something a little different to mark my birthday this year and that is to not be negative at all, rather celebrate what James refers to as ‘Levelling Up’. Nice way to look at it, non?

Levelling up is basically accepting that you’re a year older and therefore have more experience under your belt, have (hopefully) achieved a few things and are generally just more awesome than you were a year ago. That’s what I’m taking from it anyway.

I’m going to take that line of thinking a little further and look back on a few personal highlights from the last year, because it’s my birthday and my blog. So there. (There will be pictures).

Since I turned 38 I have:

Become more sociable

Something happened earlier this year and I stopped saying ‘no’ so much. I started saying ‘sure’ to more unusual pursuits, like amateur theatre, the cabaret, pub on a Friday night and it feels good. I plan to continue and enjoy this side of myself, because there’s plenty of time for Netflix and Chill when I’m dead.

(I’m greatly exaggerating this statement of course, what I mean to say is, there’s room for both).

Met Aroe

I finally met the graffiti artist I admire the most and now he recognises me. This seems a small thing but to me it’s a huge ‘un. Was I cool and aloof when we met? Oh hell no. I wore my adoration firmly on my sleeve and he was so sweet about it. Better for him to meet the real me though, right? One day I just know we’ll be BFFs and I’ll hold his spray cans.

Become ‘heavily’ tattooed

This is a funny one because to most people I was already heavily covered but I didn’t feel that way about myself. Until my mermaid in September. Now I’ve committed to two full sleeves (a work in progress) and I needed a moment to come to terms with that.

Sometimes I get tattooed impulsively but for the most part, every piece is another step towards body acceptance and I love each and every one of them. Some more equally that others.

Made new friends

I hung out with some awesome new people, including amazing Sian and the heavenly Lorna who are both body positive goddesses who
inspire me to look at myself closely and say “You know what? I’m amazing too!”. Invaluable.

Co-hosted a podcast

I was hardly going to fail to mention what I would class as my biggest achievement this year. Sometimes I just can’t believe how nonplussed I’ve personally been about putting myself out there the way we have. That’s massively down to the friendship I have with James, who suggested it and has made every episode a joy to record. I don’t ever want it to end.

Met Jill

I met my Blog wife in the flesh and it was amazing. She’s amazing. Love you girl! Next time I’m coming to you to eat all the food and pester Bertha Mason.

Life montage ❤


Here’s to the level 39, eh? Which at this stage feels like a key level with a big boss to defeat at the end (the big 4-0) but believe me, I’m ready.

Happy Birthday Me! ❤

3 thoughts on “Level Up

  1. Happy birthday! Need to catch up on the podcast like nobody’s business! I completely love it and want to give it attention rather than just making it to background soundtrack to packing.
    Sounds like a year of successes to me! Here’s to many more to come!

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