Day 1: Strength


Strength is a funny old thing, isn’t it?

How many times do we hear phrases such as “I loved the main character (in that film), she was such a strong female lead”? Or “That girl is so feisty and strong”? They often make me feel as though there’s only one way to be strong (loudly and sassily) and I don’t buy it.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Game of Thrones was the trigger and an article about how the strongest female in the show is actually Sansa Stark. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the character or what she’s been through, if you know, you know. But I will say that I can see where the author is going with this argument.

I mean, in a sea of very strong warrior women, master manipulators and naked dragon wranglers, this character has survived so far just by keeping going. Lesser women (me) would have stumbled round about season one when things started to take a turn for the worse. But Sansa has an endurance that, coupled with an unwavering dignity, sets her apart from the others. It’s a different way of dealing, and it’s no less impressive.

This is my own very elaborate way of saying, just because a woman isn’t twirling around in a catsuit (or indeed a star spangled leotard) high kicking her haters in the face, does not mean she’s any weaker.

Sometimes being strong is admitting you’re not feeling that way. Sometimes it’s asking for help or grieving a lost one. It could be just getting up in the morning and combing your hair or quitting altogether if the thing you’re quitting isn’t doing you any good.

Whatever strength is to you, you have it. Don’t let them make you feel otherwise. ❤

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