Day 15: Riot

Via Feminist Fight Club

Some people just want to watch the world burn, said someone once in a Batman movie. I thought it was Joker but it turns out whoever said it (Alfred?) was talking about Joker.

I don’t think I want that but sometimes I have to fight a very strong urge not to rough up my own life. Nothing big, not infidelity or stealing a vehicle and driving it into a ravine, just common or garden “Fuck this shit” behaviour. Walking away from responsibility, tongue lashings and drinks in faces, that sort of thing.

Life when it gets into its lulls can be so damn dull, all I want is mischief and something to distract me. Right now I’m feeling restless, uninspired and on the cusp of something new. What that something is, I don’t even know and I have got to figure it out. Whether that’s Botox or a new job, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, nurture your inner riot girl any way you see fit. She’s in there, I swear. ❤



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