Day 21: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


I’m not really feeling Christmas this year, a fact no doubt tied in with my failure to watch Love Actually yet. (Yes, it’s problematic and unbearable at times, idgaf). I’m sure my lack of festive cheer with subside as soon as work’s out on Friday and I can retire to the sofa with a buck’s fizz in hand.

I do know I’m lucky to be spending this time of year with the ones I love with no real drama* around me. I look around and there are so many people currently having a shit time. Friends are dealing with heartbreak, unemployment and issues with housing and illness, and it’s not fucking fair. You’d of thought, between the Spirit of Christmas and the fat dude in the red suit, they would have worked out a way to pause life for a few days for all humanity, and just make it nice for everyone.

But that’s not life, is it? So I think today’s affirmation is just this: let’s be conscious of the people around us having a crappy time. Do what you can to help, whatever that is. Sometimes it’s a hug or a small token gift to say you’re thinking of them. It might be an invite to lunch. You might be a volunteer to people in need, which I absolutely take my hat off to.

Be grateful for all you have, do what you can for another person or two and have a great Christmas season, please. Be good and kind to yourself too if you’re going through shit, even if not. Christmas to me nowadays is about surrounding myself with people I really want to see, films I really want to watch, sleep, books and food I want to eat. It’s about taking stock for a moment and slowing down.

I hope yours is whatever you want it to be, or at least what you need. Enjoy it.

Merry Christmas all! 🎄🌟🤶🏻❄️🎅🏼🥂🎄

*fingers crossed.

I don’t think I’m ready for Rickman in Love Actually yet ❤

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