The Future

Image via Unsplash

I miss writing ‘proper’ blog posts. I feel like I’ve stalled over the last month or so, starting new posts and then getting distracted or changing my mind about posting them for whatever reason. Mainly mild self-doubt, my old friend.

But no more – 2017 is going to be a creative year, I can feel it in my waters. Fuck it, right?

Looking back, it seems I respond quite well to self-imposed deadlines (e.g. Blogtober, December Affirmations, Diary style entries) and so I’m going to think up themes for most of the months moving forward (Fancy February, that sort of thing but obviously miles better). Though I won’t be posting every day because I’m not a machine.

So, while my feet are now firmly planted in 2017, I’m still going to do some New Year posts for the month of January (don’t worry, these will be anti-resolutions) – because frankly, I want to.

Stay tuned, friends – and thanks for reading, commenting and genuinely showing such incredible support. You’re all fucking super stars. ❤

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