Feminist Manifesto


My personal feminist manifesto is this:

All girls to the front. All girls.
I will read feminist books.
I will watch movies by women.
To coin a meme: I will speak the truth even if my voice shakes.
Other people’s bodies, clothing, make up, faces are none of my damn business.
Being feminist doesn’t make me a man-hater (some of my best friends are men).
Inner strength comes in all manner of guises, and I’m hard as nails.
I won’t let anyone define feminism for me.
I accept that I will get it wrong sometimes, and people who call me out are trying to help me be a better feminist.
I am like other women.

This manifesto will be ever changing, just like I am.

What’s yours? ❤

3 thoughts on “Feminist Manifesto

  1. I love that–I think you pretty well nailed it.

    My big one is no longer being apologetic or back-tracking about my beliefs when I say them aloud. I’ve gotta tell my inner people-pleaser to shut the hell up (working on that) and remind myself that I have a voice as well. I have a habit, that I’ve noticed, about saying something I believe, but leaving me an out to make it “less damaging” if somebody’s about to get huffy.

    I can’t do that anymore–either we talk about it or we don’t. I’ve got a few misogynists around that’re getting bolder and bolder, and I don’t want to get into debates, so I don’t talk. I’d rather just make the statement either we have an enlightened debate or we shut up and go our separate ways. I’d rather not talk because I have to work with some of these guys, but I’m gonna let them know don’t say the crap they wanna say around me, because I don’t find the “silly” crap they say about being men or women funny anymore.

    I’ll burn bridges, I’m sure, but it’s high time I built one I can walk on, too.

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    1. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to start responding to your lovely comments, Chatty. I’m bad at this part and always let myself slip behind. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment so much, I will be checking you out right back!

      I completely identify with what you’re saying here. The worst thing is when boys are “being boys” in the office and I can’t seem to find my voice to tick them off, or if I do, as I usually do, I water it right down so as not to be seen as “too much”! That’s annoying. And really, do I care if people think I’m too much? At least I’m sticking up for what I believe in! So I hear you so hard there, and like you say, I can’t worry about that anymore either.

      It does seem as though all this Trump/Brexit stuff is giving misogynists/bigots the excuse they needed to be bolder and more ignorant, I’ve seen it too. I’ll join you in the burning of those bridges! Solid foundations can’t simply be burnt to the ground anyway, so it’s a good way of weeding out the ones that are worth educating anyway!

      Good luck and thanks for putting it in a much more eloquent way that I could! xo

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