I am 3


Hello there!

A Voluptuous Mind turned 3 on Friday so welcome to the annual birthday post! I’m probably just going to freestyle this bad boy rather than follow any sort of structure this year which is part laziness/part not really having my head in the game – but I think that’s cool. (See previous years 1 & 2).

So! Three, eh? I wish I could remember what I was doing at three. I had a newish baby brother so back then that would have been the most exciting thing going down in my world. If we could time travel back, you would probably find me obsessed with two things: Papa Smurf and Wonder Woman. Unless that came just a little bit later in life. Remembering is hard, man.

But three is a good old age. It’s the age that people start telling you kids get interesting, with more defined personalities. I feel the same way about this blog in some ways. I’ve always had a voice sure, but since I stopped worrying about not having a ‘theme’ or definite manifesto, I’ve been having more fun.


I love the things I talk about and I think the only thing I really want to apply to future posts is more candidness. The things that have happened over the last fortnight with my Mother-in-Law have changed my outlook, I swear and I’m entering the next phase of life with a more devil-may-care attitude. All that means is more honesty, more carefully picked fucks and a shit ton more swearing – but I’m really looking forward to being more open.

Jill and I will continue to review films with more emphasis on the kind of movies that made us want to do this in the first place – the bad ones. Apart from that, no plans, just doing.

So here’s to A Voluptuous Mind’s Level 3 – I’m ready to kick some fucking arse, yo!

Who’s with me? ❤

4 thoughts on “I am 3

  1. God damn, 3 is an impressive blog age! Like 3 for a hamster or something…that’s a long life (I think)!
    Congrats, and I’m so glad I’ll continue to have your posts to look forward to!


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