You’ll have to excuse the absence of chatter around here, beyond the weekly (terrible) film reviews. I can’t really find the words for how I’m feeling (not to be all me, me, me – none of this is about me). Our home is covered in a light smattering of sadness and that’s to be expected, of course it is. We’re just going with it at the moment, spending time together and getting things done.

It’s funny when people say it will be over soon because in some ways it’s true. In others, it has only just begun. All I know is that there’s no greater frustration that watching the person you love most go through terrible pain that you can’t fix. It’s very, very shit.

There are amusing times though, so you don’t think we’re wearing black and wringing our hands constantly. It’s nice to reminisce and believe me what I say there has never been another person like my mother-in-law.

So if I’m a little quieter than normal, this is why. We’ve got a holiday coming up in mid-April which is perfect timing, and our first in eight long years. Four days in the sun is just what the doctor ordered.

I’ve bought a swimsuit – eeeeek! Now that’s something worth blogging about. ❤

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