Checking In

It’s still a little bit radio silence around here at the moment, if you don’t count the regular film reviews and I’m afraid it’s just because I don’t have it in me at the moment.

I’m being damned lazy if we’re really honest and I’m not remotely sorry. March was a bitch and I think we’re still reeling from its events. Outwardly, things are good and peaceful but loss doesn’t work that way does it? You can learn to live with grief but it acts up sometimes (just see The Babadook for the best depiction I’ve ever seen). You think you’re cool but then at times your footsteps are heavier than usual and your gumption is lower and it’s sadness, that’s all it is.

Anyway. This is not a post about grieving. It’s a checking in post to say hello, I’m still here! And that I’m going on holiday on Tuesday to the lovely island of Gozo for a few days and then Malta for a few days more. I intend to look at churches, eat, drink and read – oh yes, and check out Popeye Village because it looks freaking cool.

This will be our first foreign holiday in 8 years and our first together, not counting Vancouver. So it’s kind of a big deal. It couldn’t be coming at a better time, we deserve a little down time, especially Glynn. So it’ll remain quiet round here for a little while longer. Reviews will be on schedule as usual though and I’ll be back, I swear.

I have a big post in my drafts folder that I want to get just right so there’s that too. I’m about to adopt a far more honest policy around here – watch this space.

Until then though, Happy Easter all and I’ll catch you on the flip! ❤

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